WIP Update 08/12/2017


Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc. Book 1 (PNR)

And it’s DONE! At least the first draft is complete. I’m working on editing it now and it’s going slowly right now. I ended up rewriting almost all of chapter 1! I had written it, like a year and a half ago. In fact this one is I started first. It got shuffled to the back burner when I wrote and published Santa Baby last year. The final draft count (as of today) is 90,771 words. I’d like to get it published by the end of the year but will depend on my finances since my day job was paying for my writing.

Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book 2

So this one. It’s book two in what I’ve planned in a series of books written around the town of Mistletoe, North Pole. Book one was Santa Baby (Christian and Jamie’s story). While that book has kind of languished on Amazon, I have had those that have read it asking when the second book is coming out. So I started it. It’s Sig Olson and Dr. Holly Rowan’s story. I only have 376 word so far but it’s a start.

Tarkir – Dark World Warriors Book 1 (SFR)

I did some work on this story while finishing the first draft of my Paranormal Operations book. Right it sets at 4 8,899 words) and chapter 5 is done. Since I have some unexpected free time right now (see earlier post about my day job.) I hope to get some time for this story.

Incubus MC – Demon (PNMCR)

There isn’t much to say about this one. I haven’t been working on it at all.

Kai and Kekipi

I’m still at 3,178 words and while I do see an end in sight, it’s looking like next year before I get back to it. I’m still not sure that I’ll publish this one or just make it a freebie for signing up to my newsletter or what.

Future Plans

Number one on the future plans list is to find a day job! But in the mean time, I’m going ahead with the edits on Paranormal Operations, Inc. Book 1 and work on Polar Shift.