Excerpt From Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book Two, Chapter 1

I’m working on book two of the Mistletoe, North Pole series featuring Commander Sig Olson and Doctor Holly Rowan. It’s been slow going so far as these two are being stubborn about talking to me. This excerpt is from chapter one. It’s a rough draft.


Sig Olson sat at a small table in the corner of Rudy’s Diner, his back to the wall, nursing a large, frosted bottle. He scanned the door as people arrived and left. He noticed everything that was going on around him in the diner. Sig’s position as commander of security for North Pole, Incorporated, and by extension the town of Mistletoe, North Pole, meant a part of him was always vigilant.

Christian Kringle and his mate, Jamie Winters, had been attacked few weeks ago. The man behind the violence, Jackson Frost, never made it to the Paranormal Correctional compound in Alaska. Sig had been notified via email to be exercise cation as the plane carrying the man responsible had disappeared in an epic snow storm on Christmas Eve. That was twelve days ago. A PCC team sent to search for the plane found it along with it’s crew. But no Frost, the man was missing.

Sig lifted the bottle into the air, catching the eye of the tall, buxom blond waitress making the rounds with a coffee pot. She nodded her head at him before filling the mugs on the table she was standing next to. A pair of tight jeans and soft gray t-shirt hugged every curve of her body as she headed to Sig’s table. She could turn the heads of every man in the room. No one watched her as she worked the tables, knowing that Rudy would hand any man his head on a platter if they came on to her in any manner.

“Hey, Sig.” Kandy stopped next to the table and sit the coffee pot on it. “Need another brew?” She nodded her head to the almost empty bottle in his hand. “Or something to eat?”

“Kandy.” He lifted the bottle to his mouth and drained it before smiling at her. “How’s Rudy doing?” Kandy’s mate, Rudy, had been attacked and injured a few days before Christmas Eve by Jackson Frost. The psychopath’s family carried a long festering resentment against the Kringle family over the generations. In an attempt lure Christian Kringle to a deserted toy shop to kill him, Frost had kidnapped Christian’s new mate. Kandy’s smile wavered as she remembered and he saw pain flash through her eyes.

Kandy was silent for a few moments. “He’s fine. We’re both fine.” Sig doubted they were both fine but he didn’t comment. Rudy was a tough as nails ex SEAL who happened to be a reindeer shifter. He seen and done a lot over the years, so Sig wasn’t surprised to hear he was doing OK. But Kandy, she was human and it was tougher for her to put Rudy’s almost dying and her best friend’s kidnapping behind her. “So,” Kandy’s smile returned, maybe not as bright as it been before. “What can I bring you, Sig?”

“Ribeye, rare.” Sig didn’t need to see the menu to know what he wanted. “Baked potato, butter and sour cream on the side, and a large salad, no dressing.” He waited as she wrote it on her pad. “And another ale, please.”

“Sure thing,” Kandy looked at him. “Another Alaskan Winter? Or are you feeling… adventurous… tonight, big guy?” She grinned at him. Sig’s eyes narrowed in mock suspicion.

“Are flirting with me, Kandy?” He asked. He leaned closer to her. “Just what kind of adventure did you have in mind?” His voice was low and amused. Kandy turned a nice shade of pale pink but before she could speak, a booming voice bellowed from the kitchen. Even through he kept his voice low, he knew Rudy could hear him. Shifter hearing was beyond excellent.

“No flirting with my woman, Sig!” Sig looked over to the pass through behind the bar. Rudy was glowering at him and Kandy, a huge metal spoon clutched in one hand. Sig grinned as he fisted one hand, his middle finger offering Rudy a one finger salute. The place grew quit, watching and listening to the exchange.

Both Kandy and Sig spoke at the same time.

“Can’t help it if she’d rather have an adventure with me then with you, old man.”

“Oh my god! Will you two stop it!” She was laughing now and within moments both Sig and Rudy were grinning. Soon laughter and chuckles filled the diner as people returned to what they’d been doing.

“So, I’ll ask again,” Kandy challenged, “Feeling adventurous?”

Sig leaned back in his chair again and nodded. “Sure, what do you have?”

“A brand new dark ale, brewed just for the diner.” She eyed Sig. “Tomas has been dabbling in home brewing and came up one just for us. He’s called it Rudy’s Mistletoe Ale.”

“What’s it taste like?” Tomas was one NPI’s List Keepers. He’d been attacked the week before Christmas while transferring the Naughty and Nice lists to digital. Both lists had been stolen in a try to derail Christmas. Like all the paranormals attacked that week, he made a rapid recovery. Sig hadn’t known he was into making his own beer through.

“It’s nutty with hints of candy cane and sugar plum.” Sig grimaced, it sounded cavity inducing. “Don’t look like that, Sig” Kandy swatted his shoulder with her order pad. “It’s not so sweet you can’t drink it. Like I said, it’s more nutty than sweet.”

“OK, OK,” he responded. “I’ll try one. But only for you, sweetheart.” He winked at her when a growl rumbled from the kitchen.

Kandy rolled her eyes before she turned on her heel and walked to the kitchen pass through, slapping Sig’s order onto the counter between the kitchen and the bar. Rudy looked up from the grill and made kissing noises in her direction. She sighed softly and did the same to him. He offered her cocky grin as he reached out one long arm and plucked the order up.

“Love you, babe.” He mouthed and she melted. This huge man owned her heart and it sent shivers of fear through her at the memory of how close she’d come to losing him.

“Love you always.” She murmured back before pulling up a bottle of Rudy’s Mistletoe Ale from the cooler and taking it back to Sig.



Excerpt from Santa Baby Chapter 25

Chapter 25 is done! And here’s a excerpt from it. Enjoy!


“Want to fill me in on the Frost thing, son?” The elder Kringle asked as he and Chris left the debriefing room and walked out into the hanger bay.

Chris sighed, he’d have to fill in the events of the last week or so for his dad. The man may be retired, but he still had a vested interest in North Pole, Inc.

“Now?” Chris stopped, turning to face his father. All he wanted was to meet Jamie, take her home and make her his mate in every sense of the word.

Kristopher Kringle looked into his son’s eyes, seeing the glow of the growing mating urge and frustration at the delay in getting to his mate. It was a look Kristopher knew well. He still had that same need for his Claire after all their decades together.

“No son, it can wait.” he slapped Chris on the shoulder. “Go, rescue your Jamie. I’m sure where ever she is, you’ll find your mother. By now your mother will have told her everything about your childhood.”

Chris closed his eyes and repeated his earlier “I’m so screwed!” under his breath. His dad laughed, the deep rumble of mirth that children the world over would recognize.

” Dad, I have to go.” he muttered as he opened his eyes, his attention drawn back to the door to Flight Ops. Turning, he started for the open doorway, leaving his dad standing in the middle of the flight bay.

“Tell your mother I’ll meet her at the big house,” the older man called after him. “She’s on my Naughty List!” He added with a wicked grin.