Excerpt from Santa Baby Chapter 25

Chapter 25 is done! And here’s a excerpt from it. Enjoy!


“Want to fill me in on the Frost thing, son?” The elder Kringle asked as he and Chris left the debriefing room and walked out into the hanger bay.

Chris sighed, he’d have to fill in the events of the last week or so for his dad. The man may be retired, but he still had a vested interest in North Pole, Inc.

“Now?” Chris stopped, turning to face his father. All he wanted was to meet Jamie, take her home and make her his mate in every sense of the word.

Kristopher Kringle looked into his son’s eyes, seeing the glow of the growing mating urge and frustration at the delay in getting to his mate. It was a look Kristopher knew well. He still had that same need for his Claire after all their decades together.

“No son, it can wait.” he slapped Chris on the shoulder. “Go, rescue your Jamie. I’m sure where ever she is, you’ll find your mother. By now your mother will have told her everything about your childhood.”

Chris closed his eyes and repeated his earlier “I’m so screwed!” under his breath. His dad laughed, the deep rumble of mirth that children the world over would recognize.

” Dad, I have to go.” he muttered as he opened his eyes, his attention drawn back to the door to Flight Ops. Turning, he started for the open doorway, leaving his dad standing in the middle of the flight bay.

“Tell your mother I’ll meet her at the big house,” the older man called after him. “She’s on my Naughty List!” He added with a wicked grin.

I added Santa Baby Chapters 1- 18 to Wattpad with a temp cover.

I thought I’d get the first 18 chapters of Santa Baby out there. It’s still in first draft state with minimal editing. But hey, I’m looking for any and all feedback on this WIP! I also made a temp cover for it. Here we go! The link is below the cover.

Sanat Baby 1

Santa Baby Chapters 1 – 18

Part of the fight scene from Chapter 19 of Santa Baby

I’m down to the last few words for Chapter 19 of Santa Baby. It’s a fight scene between the hero and the bad guy. I thought I’d post part of it here and see what kind of feed back I get. Good, bad, indifferent?

“Ah but it wasn’t your father he went after, Kringle.” His pale blue eyes twinkled in unholy glee. “Gramp’s went after your mother.”

Chris’s attention returned to what the man was saying at the mention of his mother. He tensed his eyes narrowing. He came to his feet, his hand dropping to his side. The only trace of his stab wound was a bloody hole in his shirt. Lost in his glee at taunting Chris, Frost didn’t notice his healed wound.

“My mother? He went after my mother?”

“Yeah.” Jackson nodded, sure that he was in control of the situation and wanting to inflect as much mental and emotional damage as he could. “Gramps discovered that if you kill the chosen one’s mate, he died right along with her.” He laughed at the stunned look on Chris’s face. “Looks like your old man didn’t tell you that when he retired, huh?” After a pause, he scowled. “Gramps failed. He tried to grab your mom on Christmas Eve when your dad was off doing all that Christmas shit. He’d gone alone, thinking one little human woman wouldn’t be a problem. But he was wrong.”

“She kicked his ass?” Chris asked, watching as Jackson waved the knife around as he spoke. It was time to end this, now. “Your whole family is nothing but screw-ups, and ass clowns!” He taunted, knowing it sounded juvenile but hoping to provoke the man into attacking him. He still thought Chris wounded. There was a gasp and a movement as Jamie stepped into the fringes of the lighted space. Behind Jackson, he saw Olson standing behind her, his hands wrapped around her forearms, holding her in place. What the hell!, he frowned, I told Sig to get her out of here! Thinking Chris distracted, Jackson snarled, launching himself at the other man, knife held low in one hand.

Chris’s eyes snapped back to the oncoming man, sidestepping at the last second before impact. His fist shot out connecting with Frost’s midsection, doubling the man over. He pivoted on one foot, ready for the next attack. Frost straightened, knife still in hand, his face twisted in rage.

“Afraid to fight me, Kringle?” Jackson panted out. He smiled mockingly at Chris. “Once I finish you, I’ll have her,” he gestured with a flick of the knife to where Jamie stood. “She’ll be screaming before I’m done with her.” He licked his lips as if just the idea of making her scream was turning him on. “And then she’ll die.”

“Like hell you will fucker.” Chris stated his voice clam and deadly. Frost may have been a cold bastard, but now ice ran through Chris’s veins. “It’s time to end this.”

“Time to end you-“ Jackson barked, lunging forward before feinting to the left, knife held low. Trying to draw Chris in that direction to counter his move, leaving his other side open for attack. Chris bent his knees, ready for the assault. He sidestepped right, trying to block the blow aimed at his belly. The knife sliced through his t-black shirt, blood welling from the shallow scratch it had made.

Letting his momentum carry him past his opponent, Chris twisted, coming up behind Jackson. He hooked one arm around the man’s neck, yanking his head back until he started to choke. His other arm reached out, his hand grabbing the wrist that held the bloody knife. His grasp tightened until there was an audible crunch as the bones in Jackson’s wrist fractured. The knife dropped to the hard floor with a loud clang. With his air supply cutoff the only sound that came from Jackson was gasping moan.

Excerpt from Santa Baby Chapter 19

Chris sprang toward Rudy, dropping to one knee as the dagger flew toward the prone man. He grunted at the burning pain in his left shoulder where the knife had embedded itself. His senses sharpened, he felt the air quiver around himself as Jackson charged at him.

“Fuck!” He groaned, surging to stand upright. He dropped his good shoulder, and barreled into the oncoming man’s midsection. Wrapping his arms around Jackson, Chris twisted his body, the action taking both men to the floor. He groaned as pain shoot through body from the knife wound. Ending up under Chris, Jackson’s head bounced off of the cement with a muted thud. Both men were stunned for a heartbeat. Blood dripped onto Jackson’s shirt from the knife buried in Chris’s shoulder, soaking into his shirt.

Jackson recovered first, grabbing at the knife in Chris’s shoulder and brutally yanking it out. Chris cursed under his breath, shuddering as pain shoot through him again. “Fucking asshole!” he grunted through clinched teeth. He rolled away just as Jackson swung the knife at his exposed back. Coming up on one knee, his right hand covering the stab wound in his shoulder, he tried to stop the bleeding. Eyes narrowed, he watched as the other man jumped to his feet, waving the knife in front of himself.

“Not so tough are you fucker?” Frost taunted his breathing rapid. Chris looked up from where knelt, one hand clutching his wound. The torn flesh under his hand tingled with warmth, slowing his blood loss and knitting sliced muscle and sinews back together. He grimaced at the slight stinging the healing created. He needed a minute or so before his shoulder would be healed enough to finish this. I need to keep him talking, he thought.

“Why now Frost?” He needed to keep the other man talking. “And why you?” The blood flow had stopped altogether under his hand. He needed Frost’s attention away from his wounded shoulder. “Why not your father or grandfather?”

WIP Update Aug 21, 2015.

I finished chapter 16 of Santa Baby, sent to my BFF who is also my beta reader. She always does a great job on reading and giving me feedback. And boy do I want feedback! She’s the BEST! So now it’s on to chapter 17. I feel I’m getting close to the end of this story. But we’ll see.

Santa baby!!

I took the last two days off of Santa Baby and did some work on my biker WIP. It’s title (so far…it could change. Or not!) is Incubus MC: Demon. This one is still in the early stages. It’s going to be a rough, gritty kind of story. Still a romance though. d2abc506002b37b211be86d5d4e3319f

And now who comes knocking in my head? It’s Taylor and Devon! Back from wherever they’ve been hiding. So I have a lot on my writing plate, plus I’m still getting story ideas.

But first I have to just finish SOMETHING!


blackboard_writers_block-680I’ve been struggling with chapter 16 of my current WIP (Santa baby). I had it almost done. But when I read what I had down…well…my bad guy was just snaky. There was no sense of menace to him. My heroine was stronger than him, even chained to his bed. I didn’t like him.
What to do?
I changed him altogether. Made him meaner, crazier, and snarling in fact. And you know what? I still didn’t like him! Dayummmmmm!
Again, what to do?
I rewrote the last half of the chapter. He’s still a bad guy, but toned down. Now he’s reading (at least to me) kind of in the middle.
I hope to have this chapter done this week.

Making Progress On Santa Baby

I just finished chapter 15 of Santa Baby. I’m mostly happy with the progress of my writing on this story. I’ve sent the chapter off to my beta reader (waves at you know who!). I’ve added a couple of characters that could have their own stories told. After I get Jamie and Chris’s story done. I have a nice start to chapter 16, now it’s just a matter of getting the time to work on it.

Santa baby!!

Santa baby!!