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Quick Update for April/May

Just a quick update on what I’ve been doing lately both in my writing and my personal life.

I’m still working on Taylor’s story for my Paranormal Operations, Inc series. It should come in at less then 40 chapters. Once I’m done with the first draft I know I have a ton of editing to do on it. But the plan is get the first draft done, set it aside for a bit, and then come back for a fresh look at it.

I’ve started putting together notes for the next Mistletoe, North Pole book. This one will be about Sig and Dr. Holly. It’ll start on a base in Afghanistan and move to Mistletoe. I just have very basic notes right now. But I’ve had a few requests for the next story so I’ll get it started.

I hope to get some work done on the first book in my MC series soon too.

I did do a bit of work on my Hawaiian Legends book. The story is about a son of the Hawaiian shark god and the a heartbroken wahine (woman). It’s done in mostly narrative format and I’m close to wrapping it up. It’s short, only about 4-5K words.

As for personal stuff? Hubby and I are off to race on Sat. at the Strip @ Las Vegas Speedway. Then was have a trip upcoming to Honolulu, Hawaii. Since it’s a six hour flight, I’ll be using my trusty Samsung tablet with keyboard to try and get some writing time in.

Whew! Lots to do!


Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 31 Excerpt.

Rough first draft of part of chapter 31.


“Kaden!” Eireann exclaimed, her eyes shining with joy and her voice filled with love. She sprang up from where she was seated next to Taylor and opened her arms to the approaching man. He stopped just short of both women, his eyes locking on Taylor where she stood. Eireann’s arms fell to her side.

“Where the hell am I?” He growled coldly, his expression stony and his hands curled into fists at his side. “That bastard told you were my twin sister. I want to know what the fuck is going on!” The sound of a sharp intake of breath drew his gaze to the smaller women standing two steps from him. “Who are you?” He demanded harshly.

Taylor surged to her feet, moving to stand between her brother and their mother. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave him a warning glare. Brother or not, she would take his ass out if he made a move to harm their mother.

“Watch your tone, brother.” She bit out. “You’re in the Ether, the world between life and death. And this…” She moved to one side, taking Eireann’s hand. “Is our mother.”

Kaden rocked back on his heels, shocked into silence. Shock replaced the stone cold expression on his face and his arms came up, his palms out, as if to hold the older woman off.

“Our mother?” he sound incredulous. “She’s dead. Father murdered her when I was born!”

“When we were born!” Taylor corrected. “Like I said, this is the Ether, a place where some come after they die. They can’t move one for one reason or another so they end up here.” Kaden digested this for a full minute. “Or someone chooses to stay here.”

“Why am I here?” He asked quietly, his anger and fear draining away under the two women gazes.

His mother, because now he felt the truth that, yes, this was his mother, held out one hand.

“Come sit down with us, my son.” She gracefully sank back down on the bench, even as the vapor surrounding them coalesced with it, expanding it to hold all three of them. Tentatively, Kaden took her out stretched hand and let himself be drawn down next to her.

This From Paranormal Operations, Inc. – Taylor Chapter 30 And A Bit Of A Warning.

This excerpt is from the middle of chapter 30. I worked on this wip as part of the April Camp Nanoweimo, I had set a goal of 10K words for the month so I just wrote without really reading what I was writing each day. When I did get around to reading what I had written, I was a bit… surprised(?) by what I did write in this chapter. It’s dark, at least to me it seems that way. But much like the darkness in the chapter about Kaden, it does reflect just how insane my bad guy is. I mean out of touch with reality, no morals insane he is. And yes, it even made me a bit uncomfortable reading it. But I can’t bring myself to rewrite it. So here it is, I’ve run it through Prowriting Aid for just some very basic editing (spelling, etc) It will have a full edit when I’m done with the whole story (which should be soon, I hope!)

Please let me know what you guys think!


Taylor’s eyes flew open at the grunt that came from where the two men struggled. William appeared to have gotten over the surprise of Devon’s attack and had somehow thrown him off. He got to one knee and began whispering something in what sounded like Latin, his hands out, palms up. A death spell! He was trying to cast a death spell!

Vita autem inimica mihi.

Magia, et virtus, et nunc mea.

Sic fiat semper.

Devon froze as visible black threads emerged from the mage’s fingers, snaking toward him. He drew his magic around himself as if to form a shield. Taylor could practically see the air shimmer around him and she realized how vulnerable he was. Most of his magic had filled her, leaving him with only a portion of what been a considerable power.

“Nooo…” Taylor screamed in rage and launched herself between Devon and William, landing on her feet in a protective stance. Her hands came up, imitating William’s as she gathered the magic that blazed through her to meet the threads of darkness that had nearly reached them. William was reciting his spell over and over, louder and louder. She pushed her magic out and was startled to actually see it form a barrier of what seemed like a transparent vapor in front of her and Devon. The threads drew nearer until they impacted against the wall of vapor. A loud sizzle sounded as each one touched it and just vanished.

“Bitch!” William screamed in fury as he stopped chanting and stormed forward, the black athame appearing in one fist. Taylor took a step backward as he closed the several steps between them and slashed out with it. It ricocheted off of the magical barrier, making sparks fly from the contact before vanishing. It was apparent that something with magical properties could not pierce Taylor’s magic. That wasn’t true of flesh and blood through. William’s momentum drove him through it and he crashed into Taylor, knocking her down and landing on her pelvis, pinning her lower body to the floor. She fought him until he shackled both of her hands, holding them in midair.

William’s grin was evil and his eyes were filled with the very insanity that allowed him the strength to hold her down. He lifted his arm over his and Taylor gasped when the athame was once again in his fist. She thrust power toward him struggling to stop the blade as he brought it down. William’s grin never wavered as he brought the knife down with enough force to bury it to the hilt in Taylor’s heart.

The hilt of the athame quivered where it stood up out of Taylor’s chest as a low keening cry broke from Devon. He struggled to break the spell that kept him immobile as his anguished eyes stared at Taylor where she lay under her father. He searched for any signs that she was alive.

“No….Taylor!” He roared. “Taylor, look at me, please baby! Breath, Taylor, breath!” Ignoring Devon’s cries, William let loose a mercurial laugh and bent over Taylor’s dead body.

“Come, daughter,” he crooned, his almost covering her now blue tinged lips with his. “Give me that powerful magic your cunt of a mother withheld from me.” He waited but nothing happened. He grasped her slack upper body and shook it. “I said, give  me your magic, you fucking bitch!” William released her body and it dropped back onto the floor as he peered thoughtfully at it. Then he chuckled.

“If we must do this the difficult way, daughter, we will.” He spoke to Taylor as if she was alive. “Jaden!” He yelled for his son. There was no answer. He glanced around and realized that his good for nothing son was gone, along with the troll. “I don’t need him for this. I’ll deal with it myself.” He mumbled as he moved from his daughter’s body and stripped it before beginning to take off his own clothing.

“You perverted, fucking asshole!” Devon snarled as he realized what the other man was going to do and he fought harder to break free. “Don’t touch her you sick bastard!”

William stopped and peered at Devon. “But I must.” His tone was almost reasonable. “Sex will transfer the Fae magic to me.” His gaze moved to Taylor’s body. “I’ll be the most powerful being alive. I’ll rule every realm, every race. All will kneel to me!” Devon’s jaw dropped opened in horror at his tirade. The mage was crazy! A pinprick of magic flared from deep within him. He seized it, tugging at it, as it filled him. Taylor was gone, but he sure as hell wasn’t allowing this insane man discrete her body.

William began to strip again and didn’t notice when the spell on Devon faded away under of his regenerating power. Devon leaped for the mage, sending him sailing and stood over his mate’s body. His eyes were filled with a jumble of sorrow, rage, and loss. He snarled at William as the man regained his feet and held up one hand.

“You believe you can stop me? My magic will drain you as completely as it does hers.” He studied the body under Devon as he moved closer. But before he had gone more than two steps a voice hissed from the darkened edges of the chamber.

“I will stop you, old man.” William half turned as Jaden materialized next to him. He looked surprised for an instant before his lips curled.

“You?” He jeered. “You believe you can stop…” William paused and his eyes grew larger. He glanced down to where Jaden’s hand was embedded in his chest. His expression was one of shock as he looked up and into his son’s eyes.

“Time to die, father!” Jaden said emotionlessly and pulled his arm back, William’s bleeding heart clenched in his fist. He studied at it before dropping it on the stone floor before he looked up at Devon, who stood in shock at the scene he’d just witnessed.

A Little Something From Paranormal Operations, Inc. – Taylor Chapter 29

This from chapter 29. Just a short peek! As always… not edited yet.

The men clambered out of vehicle and went to the rear of it. Doolin lifted the hatch to reveal a good assortment of weapons.  Each man picked out a few weapons to take with them but Devon was aware in his gut that this fight would be won or lost on the use of magic.

Doolin rummaged around in the back and handed Devon two leather sheaths. Slender silver knifes, so sharp they could split a hair down the middle, rested in each one. The handles had a single gleaming onyx stone that with an enhance spell to boost the stones power of separation. In most instances an onyx stone would be used to end more mundane issues, like a bothersome relationship. But the stones in these blades would separate the life force from any Other they hit. They were deadly and rarely used. Devon glanced at the brothers.

“Where did the Onyx blades come from? I thought they were locked away in the London office.” He strapped one to each thigh and picked up a Glock 26. Devon released the 17 round clip and examined it before sliding it back in. He tucked the gun into the holster in the small of his back.

“They were ‘til this mornin’,” Keegan answered as he picked up what resembled a gun from a video game. He smiled and slide the clip out of the bottom of the gun and then back in. “Sum auld woma showed up jist as we were leavin’ to meet the plane. Said yer wud need these tonight.”

Devon stilled and stared at Keegan. “What did this old lady look like? And does Morelli know the blades are here in Ireland?” Keegan shrugged.

“I don’t rightly know if yer man does or not. We assumed dat they were from ‘imself.” Doolin nodded as he continued to gear up. “As for the auld woman, she wus short an’ ‘ad ‘er ‘air ticked up under one of those cap things. Said she knew yer ‘an your mate.”

“She ‘ad the same manner as that midwife as brought our sister’s brat into de world.” Doolin offered.

“Aveta.” Devon said under his breath.

“Aveta?” Mikhail asked Devon, having heard the name. “Why would a Goddess be in involved in mess?” Devon sighed.

“Long story, my friend,” He quietly closed the open hatch and looked to the other three men. “Let’s do this. I’ll take the door in the front, Mikhail…” he paused. “You take the back door.” Mikhail nodded.

“An’ us?” Doolin asked. Since both men were human and could die, Devon wanted them outside.

“I need you both to cover the outside. Pick a spot in the trees where you can see both the front and sides of the building.? He pointed to Doolin’s rifle. “No one escapes.”

“No one?” Keegan asked.

No one,” Devon bite out. “Anyone that was involved with taking my mate will die.” He looked each man in the face as he said it. While no one said a word, he noticed that Mikhail’s lips were pressed into a thin line. Devon caught his gaze and waited until the other man nodded.

“Then we should go.” Mikhail said. With a grunt, the MacCoinnigh brothers walked into the trees with Devon and Mikhail following them.

As they approached the old chapel they saw light streaming out of the windows, with the glass broken out and some still intact. Stalking closer they heard the sound of muffled voices coming from inside. Devon signaled for them to stop behind the last row of trees and they dropped to one knee. He looked around but didn’t see movement around the building. Of course, that didn’t mean there weren’t guards around. Gently pushing a wave of his Fae magic out, he felt for any other people. He drew in a sharp breath and went ridged when his magic penetrated the chapel.

Fuckkkkk…” He hissed out. He could sense Taylor inside, sense the pain she was in, her anger, and fright. He could also sense her magic as it swelled within her and took a sharp breath at the power she had in that magic. And then he groaned as her magic found the tentacle of his and melded with his

“Devon, what is it?” Mikhail hissed close behind him. Devon ignored him as his body shook, now feeling what Taylor did as if he was in there with her. Picked up what was being said as if it was being said to him.

“Brady?” Mikhail tried again. When the other man didn’t answer he looked at the two humans. “Keegan, go left, Doolin. Take right.” He looked at Devon, “I will take the front…”

No!” Devon snarled. There was a new, more powerful tone in voice. “I’m good. I’ll take the front door. Mikhail, take the back.” The two human brothers looked at each other before shrugging and melting into the dark.

Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 28 Excerpt. (Warning – might not be for everyone)

So this is an Excerpt from Chapter 28. Like always, it’s not edited and this one is kind of dark So be warned. The theme of this chapter my not be for everyone.

William spoke into Kaden’s ear, his tone low and cutting. “This woman seems to be your twin sister.” Kaden’s body jerked at that. He gave Taylor a sideways glance. “I was informed she had died and her body disposed of along with my wife’s. Obviously, that wasn’t true.” He fell silent and the chamber appeared to darken. The sound of the returning troll drew his attention.
Trolgar shuffled into the room, in his hands was a tray with two small crystal tear drop shaped apothecary jars and a black athame. He walked to the opposite side of the altar and raised the tray to chin level and slid it onto the altar next to Taylor.

“What are doing?” Jaden rasped than groaned as he recognized the two jars, each filled with a different color of liquid.

“Are you really so stupid that I have to answer that question for you, Kaden?” William laughed viciously and tightened the fist gripping Kaden’s hair. He released his son and Kaden pushed off the altar. He faced the man he had hated for most of his life.

“You’re sick!” Jaden ground out as his father picked up one jar from the tray. The crimson fluid looked almost like fresh blood. He moved back as William turned toward him. “It won’t work! She’s my sister not my mate!”

William laughed and waved one hand in his son’s face, uttering a few words that froze Kaden where he was. “Yes, she seems to be your sister.” He spoke before taunting his son. “Does knowing who she is make you feel brotherly affection for her? Protective of her?” He mocked. “She is nobody to you, Kaden. Nothing! I don’t give a fuck she’s not your mate. She is the one that will set free the magic that you have locked inside of you. Now drink!” He raised the small jar to Kaden’s lips only to watch them tighten into a thin line.

“Really, Kaden,” William murmured. “Do I have to force you to drink this?” He held the rim of the jar against Kaden’s sealed lips. William looked into his son’s eyes and saw a life time of hatred in them. His tone hardened, “I see that force is the only way you’ll take it.” His free hand gripped his son’s jaw, squeezing his mouth until it opened. With a sinister chuckle, he dumped the crimson substance into the opening.

“Swallow, son,” he commanded. Kaden tried to spit it back out but William released his jaw and slamed his mouth shut. Kaden gasped, forced to drink the powerful aphrodisiac that he’d used each time he’d had to fuck a woman for his father. He struggled to talk, to roar against what his father required him to do. This was his sister! And even if he didn’t know her, there was no way he would…

“You son of bitch!” Taylor growled through gritted teeth. “I’m done with this shit!” She twisted within her restraints. William glanced at her and raised one eyebrow.

“Done?” He shook his head. “On no, daughter, we are far from done.” He picked up the other jar, this one with the pale blue liquid in it. “Once you drink this you’ll be equally as excited as your twin to fuck like rabid dogs.” He took the three or four strides to the side of the altar. He reached out for her jaw, not even bothering to tell her to drink it.

“Oh fuck no!” She snarled and thrust out the magic that had been growing in her since she’d woken up strapped to the altar. The sheer intensity of it sent William across the room and against the rear wall. The room rumbled with the power of it as Jaden and Trolgar went sailing as well.

Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 27 Excerpt.

I’ve been working on Taylor and Devon’s story. Here’s a peek from Chapter 27.


“Let’s go.” Devon walked around the SUV and headed toward the plane. Mikhail gave his back a nod and followed him. A tall, curvy redhead strode out of the hanger. She wore a black tank top that stretched over a pair of generous breasts and a fitted camouflage pants that sported an abundance of pockets.  The combat boots she wore were laced up to mid-calf.

Devon met her at the base of the plane’s steps and he wasted no time on introductions.

“Where’s the pilot?”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m the pilot for this trip.” Her voice was low and throaty with a soft Irish lilt. There was also a hint of steel in it. Her green eyes narrowed. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No,” Devon said and shook his head. “No problem at all. But we need to get going, now!” She tipped her head at the open doorway.

“Then, agent Brady, I suggest you and agent Romanov board the aircraft so we can be on our way.” She gestured with one hand at the steps. Devon didn’t say another word as he bounded up them and vanished inside. Mikhail followed Devon , his eyes sweeping over the redhead as he walked past her. She returned his look, her eyes traveling up and down his body. Her expression was motionless but there appeared to be a spark in her green eyes. Mikhail’s lips twitched in a smirk as he started up the steps, following Devon. He heard the soft intake of breath from behind him as she followed him. He stopped at the top and turned, forcing the woman to stop on a step below him. She peered up at the large Russian.

“What is your name?” Both of her eyebrows flew up at his question.

“Why do you want to know my name?” she countered.

Mikhail didn’t move, barring the door as he waited for her response. Her eyes latched onto his and a short battle of wills seemed to take place. Devon’s voice came from inside and ended it.

“What the fuck is taking so long?” He bellowed impatiently. She blinked, breaking the stalemete between them.

“Agent Kelly.” She replied. “Now can you please take a seat so we can be on our way?”

“Of course, agent Kelly,” he grinned at her before turning and taking a seat. Brenna Kelly sighed and shook her head.

“Vamps,” she murmured under her breath as she pulled the steps up and secured the hatch. “Such cocky bastards.” She fixed a smile on her face and walked down the narrow aisle between the seats on the way to the cockpit.

“Ah, but lisichka,” The sexy Russian vampire spoke quietly with a tinge of amusement as she went by him. “I am not a bastard, my parents were married.” Brenna missed a step but kept on walking, ignoring his comment.

Damn preternatural hearing, she thought to herself and how dare he call her little fox! She spoke six languages and Russian was one of them. Brenna took the pilot’s seat and ran through a quick preflight check. She’d done a more thorough one before the two men had arrived. She put on her headset and radioed the tower for clearance to take off and taxied to the end a runway after receiving authorization to leave.

“Strap in, gentleman,” she called back into the cabin. “We’re about to be airborne.” Without pausing, she pushed forward on the throttle and the small jet began to roll. Soon it was roaring down the long runway and lifting gently off the ground.