Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 28 Excerpt. (Warning – might not be for everyone)

So this is an Excerpt from Chapter 28. Like always, it’s not edited and this one is kind of dark So be warned. The theme of this chapter my not be for everyone.

William spoke into Kaden’s ear, his tone low and cutting. “This woman seems to be your twin sister.” Kaden’s body jerked at that. He gave Taylor a sideways glance. “I was informed she had died and her body disposed of along with my wife’s. Obviously, that wasn’t true.” He fell silent and the chamber appeared to darken. The sound of the returning troll drew his attention.
Trolgar shuffled into the room, in his hands was a tray with two small crystal tear drop shaped apothecary jars and a black athame. He walked to the opposite side of the altar and raised the tray to chin level and slid it onto the altar next to Taylor.

“What are doing?” Jaden rasped than groaned as he recognized the two jars, each filled with a different color of liquid.

“Are you really so stupid that I have to answer that question for you, Kaden?” William laughed viciously and tightened the fist gripping Kaden’s hair. He released his son and Kaden pushed off the altar. He faced the man he had hated for most of his life.

“You’re sick!” Jaden ground out as his father picked up one jar from the tray. The crimson fluid looked almost like fresh blood. He moved back as William turned toward him. “It won’t work! She’s my sister not my mate!”

William laughed and waved one hand in his son’s face, uttering a few words that froze Kaden where he was. “Yes, she seems to be your sister.” He spoke before taunting his son. “Does knowing who she is make you feel brotherly affection for her? Protective of her?” He mocked. “She is nobody to you, Kaden. Nothing! I don’t give a fuck she’s not your mate. She is the one that will set free the magic that you have locked inside of you. Now drink!” He raised the small jar to Kaden’s lips only to watch them tighten into a thin line.

“Really, Kaden,” William murmured. “Do I have to force you to drink this?” He held the rim of the jar against Kaden’s sealed lips. William looked into his son’s eyes and saw a life time of hatred in them. His tone hardened, “I see that force is the only way you’ll take it.” His free hand gripped his son’s jaw, squeezing his mouth until it opened. With a sinister chuckle, he dumped the crimson substance into the opening.

“Swallow, son,” he commanded. Kaden tried to spit it back out but William released his jaw and slamed his mouth shut. Kaden gasped, forced to drink the powerful aphrodisiac that he’d used each time he’d had to fuck a woman for his father. He struggled to talk, to roar against what his father required him to do. This was his sister! And even if he didn’t know her, there was no way he would…

“You son of bitch!” Taylor growled through gritted teeth. “I’m done with this shit!” She twisted within her restraints. William glanced at her and raised one eyebrow.

“Done?” He shook his head. “On no, daughter, we are far from done.” He picked up the other jar, this one with the pale blue liquid in it. “Once you drink this you’ll be equally as excited as your twin to fuck like rabid dogs.” He took the three or four strides to the side of the altar. He reached out for her jaw, not even bothering to tell her to drink it.

“Oh fuck no!” She snarled and thrust out the magic that had been growing in her since she’d woken up strapped to the altar. The sheer intensity of it sent William across the room and against the rear wall. The room rumbled with the power of it as Jaden and Trolgar went sailing as well.

Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 27 Excerpt.

I’ve been working on Taylor and Devon’s story. Here’s a peek from Chapter 27.


“Let’s go.” Devon walked around the SUV and headed toward the plane. Mikhail gave his back a nod and followed him. A tall, curvy redhead strode out of the hanger. She wore a black tank top that stretched over a pair of generous breasts and a fitted camouflage pants that sported an abundance of pockets.  The combat boots she wore were laced up to mid-calf.

Devon met her at the base of the plane’s steps and he wasted no time on introductions.

“Where’s the pilot?”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m the pilot for this trip.” Her voice was low and throaty with a soft Irish lilt. There was also a hint of steel in it. Her green eyes narrowed. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No,” Devon said and shook his head. “No problem at all. But we need to get going, now!” She tipped her head at the open doorway.

“Then, agent Brady, I suggest you and agent Romanov board the aircraft so we can be on our way.” She gestured with one hand at the steps. Devon didn’t say another word as he bounded up them and vanished inside. Mikhail followed Devon , his eyes sweeping over the redhead as he walked past her. She returned his look, her eyes traveling up and down his body. Her expression was motionless but there appeared to be a spark in her green eyes. Mikhail’s lips twitched in a smirk as he started up the steps, following Devon. He heard the soft intake of breath from behind him as she followed him. He stopped at the top and turned, forcing the woman to stop on a step below him. She peered up at the large Russian.

“What is your name?” Both of her eyebrows flew up at his question.

“Why do you want to know my name?” she countered.

Mikhail didn’t move, barring the door as he waited for her response. Her eyes latched onto his and a short battle of wills seemed to take place. Devon’s voice came from inside and ended it.

“What the fuck is taking so long?” He bellowed impatiently. She blinked, breaking the stalemete between them.

“Agent Kelly.” She replied. “Now can you please take a seat so we can be on our way?”

“Of course, agent Kelly,” he grinned at her before turning and taking a seat. Brenna Kelly sighed and shook her head.

“Vamps,” she murmured under her breath as she pulled the steps up and secured the hatch. “Such cocky bastards.” She fixed a smile on her face and walked down the narrow aisle between the seats on the way to the cockpit.

“Ah, but lisichka,” The sexy Russian vampire spoke quietly with a tinge of amusement as she went by him. “I am not a bastard, my parents were married.” Brenna missed a step but kept on walking, ignoring his comment.

Damn preternatural hearing, she thought to herself and how dare he call her little fox! She spoke six languages and Russian was one of them. Brenna took the pilot’s seat and ran through a quick preflight check. She’d done a more thorough one before the two men had arrived. She put on her headset and radioed the tower for clearance to take off and taxied to the end a runway after receiving authorization to leave.

“Strap in, gentleman,” she called back into the cabin. “We’re about to be airborne.” Without pausing, she pushed forward on the throttle and the small jet began to roll. Soon it was roaring down the long runway and lifting gently off the ground.

Taylor -Paranormal Operations, Inc Chapter 23 Start

Did just over 600 words on chapter 23 today! It feels good to be making some progress on this story. I thought I’d post what I’ve done so far on the chapter. Things are going to heat up, action wise, from this chapter on. So here we go!

Shay looked up from the report he was reading as a rumble shook the building. A secondary one rolled through before the first one had ended. Immediately, alarms rang, their high pitch sequel so loud it caused him to cringe.

“What the fuck?” He murmured jumping up from his seat. He headed to closed office door, ripping it open and striding out into the operations center  

 “What the hell is going on? Where did those explosions come from?” He shouted the questions over the screaming alarms as he moved to the center of the area. He wasn’t asking anybody in particular but he needed answers.

“The surveillance cameras are down in both the garage area and the adjacent staircase.” A voice answered from Shay’s left. He swung his head in that direction. A man named Tomas was in front of a bank of video screens that showed all the feeds from the cameras that monitored the Paranormal Operations Irish headquarters. He glanced at Shay as he continued. “The blasts were in those areas. The other cameras nearby show the staircase blocked and the elevator to the garage is out.”

“Casualties?” Shay barked. “And turn off that fucking alarm!” A woman answered from a desk next to the bank of screens.

“Yes, sir.” Her eyes never left her computer screen as her fingers raced over the keyboard in front of her.  The screaming alarm cut off suddenly. “No casualties reported so far, sir.” She added. Tomas broke in before she could say anything further. 

“There were people in the garage area, sir.” He peered back down and pressed a few keys on his keyboard. “You need to see this, sir.” Shay tensed and went to stand next to Tomas.

“Who?” He demanded. Tomas gestured at a side monitor. The screen switched from black to a still image of the garage, with one stab of his finger, Tomas started the video playback. Shay hissed out a breath.

There on the screen was Devon and Taylor along with Mikhail Romanov. There was no sound with the video but it was clear that the couple was their saying goodbye. The following few minutes of the video recorded the two men checking the SUV for supplies before they both got into the vehicle and drove out of the garage. After it had disappeared from view, Shay watched as Taylor turned around and glared right into the camera before passing out of view.

“So they made it out before the blasts?” Shay asked, note of relief in his tone. Tomas shook his head.

“The camera in the hallway near the elevator caught this.” He pressed several more keys and different scene filled the screen. Taylor walked into view, her head down as she worked her phone. She stiffened and turned as a red headed figure moved into the frame from the bottom of the screen. Even from the back, Shay knew who he was.

“O’Grady!” There was little shock in his voice as he spat the name out. The leprechaun raised some kind of weapon and fired. Taylor threw herself to one side of the hall and seemed to avoid almost all of whatever it was he was shooting. Almost. Shay’s hands curled into fists at his side as he watched her jerk twice before slipping down the wall and slumping over.

“Fucking bastard!” He snarled as O’Grady turned and flipped both of his middle fingers into the camera. Then he grabbed one of Taylor’s legs and yanked her body from view. A scant few minutes later the video shook as the first explosion went off, then within seconds the elevator doors blasted outward and the video went black.

A Small Snippet From Tarkir – Dark World Warriors WIP

Just a small snippet from my WIP Tarkir – Dark World Warrior. It’s not edited at all. But enjoy anyway!

The air around them chilled as they stared at each other.  The only sounds in large empty, space was the faint humming of the air system and their own harsh breathing.  At last Tarkir broke the silence with a grunt.

“Yes.” He said and tossed his water bottle into a small bin attached the nearby wall. “Come, we will discuss what we both want to know.” Da’von raised his eyes brows. Tarkir gave a short laugh. “I am aware that your crew has been questioning mine, trying to get information on our race.” Da’von walked closer to the wall bin, tossing his bottle into it and looked at the other man.

“If you had have been rescued by an unknown race, your crew would do the same.” he stated. A soft swoosh sounded as their empty bottles were sucked out of the bin. After a few seconds Tarkir replied.

“No. My ship would not have needed to be rescued.”

Not waiting for a reaction from Da’von, he turned and walked to the door, stopping to look back at Da’von as it slid open. “Come, we will talk of this in my war room.” With that he disappeared out into the corridor.

Da’von glanced down at his now cooled, sweaty body as he followed Tarkir and grimaced. “I need a shower,” he grumbled to himself.  Walking ahead of the Lel’eiona prince, Tarkir smiled.  His race, the Teirc, had exceptional hearing and he had heard his guest’s mumbled comment.

Excerpt from Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of Taylor  – Paranormal Operations, Inc. book 1 is done. This will the last excerpt from 22 as I’m moving on to Chapter 23! And remember all comments are welcome!

Devon drove toward the exit, watching Taylor in the rear view mirror. Her arms were wrapped around her middle and she looked like she was cold. The SUV rounded the corner and shoot down the street in front of HQ.

Taylor watched the vehicle as it turned out of the garage before turning back to the door with a frown at the camera. She wasn’t pleased with Shay, but she would do as he asked. As she walked through the door, the cell phone in her back pocket vibrated several times. She pulled it out and her lips tilted up in a small smile. The text messages were from her aunt Lily.

U will survive without him.

Not the end of the world.

Will bring toys.

Taylor chuckled even as her cheeks flushed. She quickly typed out a reply.


RU coming to Dublin?

It was only a second before Lily messaged back and Taylor laughed out loud.

Yes be there tomorrow. Toys to replace Devon.

Taylor’s fingers flew over the small keyboard of her phone.

Do not bring toys!

Lily’s reply was short.


Taylor laughed again as she tucked her phone back into the back pocket of her jeans. A tingle ran down her spine and the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She stopped walking down the hallway and her head came up. When she turned around she saw O’Grady standing a few feet behind her.

“Crap!” She exclaimed, placing a hand over where her heart was. “Don’t snick up on me like that!” The leprechaun didn’t speak, he just grinned at her. Taylor shivered, it didn’t reach his eyes and something was off about him.

“O’Grady?” Her brows came together and magic swelled inside of her. She stepped back as he raised his arm, pointing an odd looking gun at her.

“What the hell…” she hissed as O’Grady fired his weapon. Her reflexes kicking in, she threw herself to one side of the hall hoping to miss the bullets flying her way. Taylor wasn’t fast enough to escape them all. She felt the pricks as darts embedded themselves in her shoulder and thigh. Not bullets, tranqs, she thought as her mind went fuzzy and she collapsed against the wall, he tranqed me!

O’Grady watched as Taylor slid into a setting position and clumsily reached for the dart in her shoulder, trying to pull it out. All she could do was swat at it, her fingers lax.

“Won’t do yer any use ter remove dem, girlie.” His spoke to her, his voice seemed to come from far away. Taylor’s hand dropped, ceasing her fertile efforts to remove the dart. Her eyes grew heavy and she felt rather than saw the leprechaun crouch down next to her.

“’Tis a powerful sedative yer ‘av runnin’ through yisser body. It won’t kill yer, but you’ll ‘av a nasty head ache whaen yer wake.” With that he stood and grabbing her ankle, tugged her way from the wall and toward the garage just steps away. He dropped her leg and Taylor groaned. Two muted booms rumbled through the building causing it to sway slightly.

O’Grady looked up at the security and chuckled as he raised the middle finger on each hand in salute. He’d planted two small charges, one just inside of the elevator and the other on the stairway that was next to the elevator. Effectually sealing the parking garage off from the rest Paranormal Operations long enough for him to escape with his prize. A black van pulled into the garage and came to a stop next to where he stood, Taylor at his feet.

The door on the side door slid open and a big, bald man climbed out.

“This the right girl?” He asked.

“She’s de wan de master wants.” O’Grady answered. “We nade ter be movin’ before de place fills wi’ agents.” The bald man grunted than picked Taylor up like she was a rag doll and dumped her into the van. She groaned as she hit the hard floor.

“You coming with us?” O’Grady nodded and climbed into the van, settling next to Taylor’s limp body. The big man slammed the door closed and got into the front passenger seat. The driver, another big, bald man, punched the gas pedal and the van fishtailed out of the garage and disappeared into the traffic on the street.

The Start of Chapter 20 of Paranormal Operations, Inc WIP, Taylor

Off to a good start I feel:

Slumped in the oversized stuffed chair, Aife O’Hara opened her eyes. Where am I? What happened to me? She raised her head, her eyes struggled to bring the room into focus. A low, painful moan escaped her as she licked her bruised and swollen lips. Aife closed her eyes again and tried to move, to raise her hand to touch her lips but it wouldn’t move. Her eyes popped open, and she saw that both of her hands were bound to wooden armrests of the chair and her ankles bound to the chairs short legs. Panicked, she struggled to free herself as memories of the last hour filled her mind. A deep chuckle snapped her head up and Aife cringed as she met the gaze of the man leaning against a large desk in front of her.

“Welcome back, Ms. O’Hara,” The man grinned at her. “I’m sorry for the rather rough treatment of my men before your arrival to my home.” He glanced behind her with a slight frown. “I asked Wallace to find me a skilled dowser to assist me in finding a witch.” Pushing off the desk he walked to where the woman was. She drew back into the chair as far as she could. His eyes, as they held hers, were black and cold. He stopped in front of her, he grasped her chin in one hand, one finger caressing her sore bottom lip. “I do so hope you can help me.”

“Who… who are you?” Aife stammered. “Where am I?”

“I am William Regan,” He paused, as if he expected her to know his name. When she didn’t respond, his lips tightened before he continued. “As I said, you’re in my home in Kilcommon.”

Excerpt from My Paranormal Operations, Inc WIP, Taylor

This is the from chapter 19:

Devon groaned as the insistent ringing of his phone on the nightstand penetrated his sleep-fogged mind. He decided to ignore whoever was calling and tightened his arms around Taylor, drawing her closer. Taylor’s soft, warm body settled into his arms, her head tucked into his chest as she slept. The phone stopped ringing and with sigh he started to drift back into sleep only to start its shrill screeching again.

“Christ!” he swore rolling over and groping with one hand for it. Taylor released a soft sigh at the loss of his arm around her. He swiped the screen with his thumb before bringing it near his ear.

“What the fuck?” He demanded keeping his voice low, trying to not wake Taylor. But a glance at the woman that had been lying in his arms showed him she was awake. His breath caught in his throat, God, she was so beautiful when she woke up.

“Who is it?” Taylor’s voice was husky with sleep, her eyes soft. Devon frowned, the voice bellowing from the phone capturing his attention. He focused on Shay’s voice, the meaning of his boss’s words now becoming clear.

“Tone it done, Shay.” Devon said.

“Tone it down? Do you two know what the hell you did last night?” Shay asked tersely, his voice now at a more manageable level. Devon blinked at the question as Taylor’s face flush red. Obviously, she could hear Shay’s voice.

“What the hell do you mean? Do we know what we did last night?” Devon answered his boss’s question with one of his own. “It’s not anyone’s business what had happened between me and Taylor last night.”

“The hell it’s not.” Shay shot back. “Every paranormal across in Ireland knows you two completed the mating bond.” Taylor groaned, rolling away from him and burying her head in her pillow. “It sent a fucking tsunami of magic through all of us!”

‘Aw… fuck!” Devon swiped his free hand over his face. If every paranormal had felt that release of power that would include…

“Regan.” His voice was laced with ice at the uttered name. Taylor set up in the big bed with a frown.

“No Shit!” Shay replied curtly.

“Can anyone trace it back to here?” He watched as Taylor rolled to the edge of the bed and stood, walking naked to the bathroom. He watched the sway of her tight ass until she disappeared from sight.

“I don’t know. Someone would need a damn strong Dowser to trace it to here.” Shay paused. “If Taylor wasn’t a known target before, she is now. I’m betting that Regan will have Dowsers looking for the source of that surge soon, if he doesn’t already.”

“Well fuck.” Devon cursed as he sat up on the edge of the bed. “I can protect her…”

“No, you can’t. You’re leaving to work on finding Donovan’s missing daughters.” Shay reminded him.

“Oh, hell no!” Devon bit out shaking his head as if Shay could see him. “I am not leaving my mate here alone. I will not leave her until the danger from her father is eliminated…”

“You don’t have a choice in this, Agent Brady.” Shay interrupted him, his voice firm and filled with authority. This wasn’t Devon’s friend talking now; this was the head of the European Paranormal Ops, Inc speaking. “You will leave today and complete your assignment.”

Devon growled into his phone in frustration. “Look, Dev,” Shay said with a soft sigh. “I know she’s your mate and I know that the mating bond makes you want to protect her. “ Again Devon let loose a protective growl. “But Taylor’s a trained agent, just as you are. She’ll be safe here at HQ. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Fuck, Shay,” frustration filled Devon’s voice. “I know she should be safe be here but we both know there’s a mole within HQ.” He watched as Taylor walked in from the bathroom. She’d slipped on his shirt from the night before, leaving it hanging open in the front. “How do I protect her from that if I’m off on assignment?” Taylor’s eyes narrowed at his words.

“I can take care of myself, Devon Brady.” Taylor stated on a low hiss from the bathroom door.

“She can take care of herself, Dev.” Shay echoed Taylor’s words. “I want you both in Ops ASAP. We need to figure out how to handle this shit.”

“Give us an hour to…”

“Now, Agent Brady.” Shay’s voice was like steel. “Both of you.” The line went dead.