In the lonely darkness of my bed
Husky whispers echo in my soul
Filling me with a deep longing
For your hot sweet touch.

Whispers telling of long hot nights
Filled with hot burning passions
Lovers coming together in wanting
Pushing each other ever higher.

Lovers entwined together in need
Your hot hard weight atop me
My body opening to take you
Deep within my hot wetness.

Need raging though us endlessly
Till finally we scream our release
Slowly falling in to each other
Holding each within trembling arms.

Slipping into soft sated sleep as one
To wake in the gentle morning light
And make soft love in the quiet
Morning light of the dawning day.

Alone In The Dark

Alone in the dark I lay in my bed missing the feel of you
Remembering the words we spoke of truth between us
Words of our true feelings and changes between us
Alone in the dark I wonder where I stand with you

Alone in the dark is what I’m feeling right now
Wondering if your feelings for me have changed
Faded, and leaving you looking for another
Alone in the dark I ache for the feel of your touch

Alone in the dark I think of the wonder of our meeting
Of your voice a sweet whisper in the dark of night
Missing the time we use to spend together talking
Alone in the dark wanting that time with you again

Alone in the dark afraid to think of coming to you
Not wanting the fates to snatch precious time from us
Wanting you till it hurts and having you want me
Alone in the dark crying silent tears of need

Alone in the dark wondering what the future holds
Knowing that no matter what the costs are to me
You my love, my heart, are worth everything to me
Alone in the dark I wait for you to tell what you want of me

Soft Touches

Warm hard hands softly caressing me
Slowly stroking over warming flesh.
Touching secret places only you know
Spreading your heat though the core of me
Soft touches finding the heart of me.

Warm palm pressed tightly to my breast
Feeling the racing, beating of my heart.
My breathless gasps of pleasure
Filling the hot sultry night surrounding us.
Soft touches finding the heart of me.

A hot wet mouth that trials sparks of fire
Down my flushed, quivering soft body.
Moans of erotic pleasure filling the air
As your hot wet mouth reaches the core
Soft touches finding the heart of me

Sharp, sweet release flows though me
Your name a scream of passion on my lips.
Slowly you mouth moves to cover mine
Warm hard hand strokes gently over me
Soft touches finding the heart of me.

Deep In My heart

Deep in my heart rests the dream of us
Hidden there from the harsh light of day.
A foolish dream of us yet being as one
Or so some would look and would say.

Deep in my heart the memories play
Like shadows on the sunlight wall.
Memories of all the time we spent
Entwined in each others loving arms.

Deep in my heart I weep for what was
And dream of what yet might be for us.
A future of us growing old together
In the golden sunset of shared lives.

Deep in my heart I hold this dream
Knowing that the dream is but my own.
Knowing not if you are sharing this dream
Within the deepness of your beating heart.

Tossed Aside

I gave my heart into your hands with all the love I had
You took from me all the love I had to give to you.
We held each other close within loving arms
In the warmth of your arms I felt golden peace.
In the sweetness of your words I believed

You tore my heart apart
Threw away what we had
Tossed aside what we shared
Before we really knew what we had.

You told me things in the night that I thought were true
Then you left me one night and never came back.
You told me that you didn’t think it would work.
You never gave us a chance to see if it would
And in your words my world collapsed.

You tore my heart apart
Threw away what we had
Tossed aside what we shared
Before we really knew what we had.

And now I’m left in pieces with my bleeding heart
Trying to understand what happened to the love
That I felt was there within the hearts of both of us.
Someday in the future we may come together again
I hope and pray it’s not to late for us to love again.

Look Closely

You came into my heart and filled it with love
You came into my bed and filled it with passion.
You came into my life and filled it with your light
You came into my mind and filled it thoughts of you.

You say you want to love me,
Check your heart, you’ll find
That love was already there.

You say now that I am everything you want.
You say now that something is missing
You say now that you may find it out there
You say now that I should not hold a touch.

I say that I love you and always will
I say I’ll be here, waiting for you
When the time is right for us.

I believe that our time together is not yet done
I believe that our hearts will still become one.
I believe that we do indeed share our love
I believe that you will find what you need in me.

Look closely at what love means
To you and I think you’ll find
That it means what you feel for me.

Midnight Fantasies

Midnight fantasies of you fill my nights
Hot steamy flashes of passions shared.
Your hot hand upon my bare flesh
Stroking deep fires to flame ever higher.

Midnight fantasies of desires yet to fill
Yearnings deep inside aching for release.
Your touch upon my breast brings sighs
Hard hands touch my quivering thighs.

Midnight fantasies of bodies pressed close
Mouths locked together in heated passion.
Souls soaring higher with each slow touch
As our passions burn away all known restraints.

Midnight fantasies of you sliding deep within
To fill me to the very core with hot desire.
Bodies locked in an ageless erotic dance
Sending pleasure surging ever higher.

Midnight fantasies of shared, sweet release
Of bodies hot and slick with passion.
Two lovers coming together, sated and filled
With a midnight’s fantasy of glowing passion.

Dream Lover

Images drift in my mind of you
A love that is yet to be for me
Soft words murmured in the night
Soft touches felt though out the night.
The lover to fill my dreams.

Slow deep kisses felt upon my lips
A burning so real and deep within
A yearning for a lover’s slow hand
Restless is my need for you this night.
The lover to fill my dreams

You come to me deep in the night
And fill me with your hot hardness.
Taking me higher with each deep
Slow thrust into my wet warmth.
The lover to fill my dreams.

When the morning light baths me
Within in a soft and warming light
I’ll wake to find you gone from me
The night’s passion only a memory.
The lover to fill my dreams.

Golden Sun

We came together in our pain seeking
To find a healing love in each other.
You took me by the hand and lead
Me to a meadow lit by a golden sun.

And there, my love, you touched my soul
With words of love whispered in passion.
Your heated touch wakes a passion deep
As I give to you my love lit by a golden sun.

In the meadow I open myself to you, my love
To renew the spirit that flows within your soul.
I give to you the essence that is my love as
We climb into the sky lit by a golden sun

Passions turn to golden heat deep within us.
Life flows between us like a molten stream.
Climbing ever higher to reach our sweet release
In a meadow that is lit by a golden sun.

Warming Glow

A gentle kiss wakens me each day
A soft touch in warm wet places
Lips melting together in soft kisses
Chasing the night’s darkness away

A soft moan builds deep between us
As we feel each others rising passions
A deep and everlasting heat filling us
As bodies press close and legs entwine

Hands moving over flesh grown hot
Tight with passion’s blush of desire
My hand caressing your hard body
Your hand caressing my body softly

Joining two bodies to become one
Reaching for passions blinding heights
Climbing ever higher in heated desire
Till reaching passions hot heights

Sweet release flows though us deep
You pouring into me so hot and sweet
Mine flowing hot and slick over you
Release easing the urgent need in us

A need fulfilled each day, each night
And in the afterglow of such need
Comes the joy of holding each other
A warming glow of love to start the day