Feb 3rd. 2017 WIP Update

I’m going to do a quick WIP update. I have a lot of writing planned so I really need to buckle down and get on with it. Oh and a note about how I do this. You’ll notice I have, what I call, temporary covers for some of my WIPs. The reason I do this is that it helps me stay focused and excited about each book I plan to write. I also use a Excel spreadsheet and Onenote as a book bible of what I want to write. Now..on to the updates.


Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc. (Book 1): I’m back working on Taylor and Devon’s story (mostly, I have jumped between this and my Dark Warriors WIP). I finished chapter 21 and I’m 508 words into chapter 22. Things are going to get interesting from this point on. Bad guys are going to do bad things and I’m introducing a new player. He’s Russian and his name is Mikhail Romanov. I’m still a bit unsure what he is. Dragon shiftier, Phoenix shiftier, or a Vampire. He’s a hottie but I’m not sure I like his man bun.


Demon Incubus MC

Demon – Incubus MC (Book 1):  The first book in my planned PNR MC series about the Incubus Motorcycle Club. And yes, the members are just what their cuts say, Incubus. I haven’t done anything on this for a while.



Dark World Warriors – Tarkir: My SciFi romance novel started as my Camp NaNoWriMo project. It’s at 7,312 words and I’m just starting chapter 5. I’ve done some work on it between working on my Paranormal Operations, Inc. WIP.



Kai and KekipiA Hawaiian Legends Short Story: I haven’t worked on this for a while.


Now for some future projects I have planned:


 Mistletoe, North Pole – Polar Shift (Book 2) – This will be the second book in my Mistletoe, North Pole series. It’s Commander Sig Olson’s story. I do have a starting point for this one and I know where I want it to go. Now I just have get it written.

Mistletoe, North Pole – Frosted (Book 3)- Jackson Frost is getting his own story! The title may change on this one before I’m done with it. I have 1,242 words in it as of right now and a short synopsis. No temp cover for this one yet.

Mistletoe, North Pole – Kandied (Book 4)The third in the Mistletoe, North Pole series will feature Rudy and Kandy’s story. The title is really just a place holder for me right now. I may end up changing it. This is still a ways out there in my schedule and I don’t even have a staring place yet. And no temp cover.

Viper Incubus MC

Viper – Incubus MC (Book 2) – The second book in my planned PNR MC series brings us Demon’s brother, Viper. I know how this one starts but that’s all I have for it besides a temp cover.

I also have 3 more books planned for the Paranormal Operations, Inc. series but haven’t done much more then jot down some ideas for each. I don’t even have titles or temp covers.



Playing with Covers

I should be working on the first book in my Paranormal Operations, Inc series since I’m home all this week. But things (life) keeps rearing it’s head. From one of my brother in laws passing last week and one of my dearest and oldest friend’s passing unexpectedly yesterday to  in running errands and just  generally putting it off, I’ve not written ONE word. I did however play around with a cover for the second book in the Mistletoe, North Pole series (this will Commander Sig Olson’s book). I know… I should have used that time for writing! I’m not sure I like it but here it is. Comments?


Two More Attempts At Book Covers

Ok. I’m still trying to get the cover for Santa Baby done. It seems that yesterday’s attempt was a tad dark.So I tried again today to come with something I like and has a bit of a Christmas feel to it without being all cuteness and fluff. Both are just mock ups.

All input is helpful!


Santa Baby Cover 1


Santa Baby Cover 2

Book Covers

I have Santa Baby edits all done. Now I’m o0n to finding a book cover for it. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should just bite the bullet and pay to have one done. I can’t find a pre-made cover that I like. Since the story happens around Christmas time and the hero is Santa I really wanted Christmas represented on the cover. But I don’t want a cutie cover either. There is some violence and there is sex in the story. But in looking at the cost to have a original cover made for it… well right now I just can’t see having the funds to do it.

So my next thought was… I’m pretty handy with good old Paint Shop Pro, I”ll make my own cover. Ummm… Yeah good luck with that! It comes back to finding the right image at a price I can afford.

So I played around and came up with something. I’m going to post it here and hope for some input on it. Let me know what you think!



Book Cover Play Time

Today was a short one for me at work. We have to move our work area to a temp space for 3 months. Hubby is still home recovering from his knee surgery so it’s hard to get a block of time to work on any of my writing projects at home. So I decide to make a book cover.

Once I get my paranormal MC WIP (Demon-Incubus MC) finished (that may be awhile. I only have six chapters written) I plan to do at least 2-3 more. The second one will be about Demon’s brother, Viper.

I made a temp cover (I think having some kind of visual helps my writing) for Demon so I thought I’d make one for Viper.  I don’t anything written for Viper yet but I do have page of notes for his story. So here is what I came up with. As I said…it’s a temp, a visual to help me write his story.

Viper Incubus MC