Who I Am

Hi and welcome to Who I Am.My name is Colleen. I’m happily married to the man who is my other half. We met while chatting online in 1998 and we’ve together ever since. We were married in Dec of 2005 at a drive through wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where we live today. My hubby moved here in the fall of 2000 and quit my job of 21 years in Oregon to join him in 2001. I’m older but don’t think of myself as “old”. I don’t FEEL old most of the time.

I drive a 2015 Mustang GT (453 HP baby!)

We each have two kids from our first marriages. I have a son and daughter in Oregon and two grandsons (16 and 14) and a granddaughter (8). My son doesn’t have any kids…yet.

Hubby has two daughters in Hawaii. He also has a granddaughter (7) and twin grandsons (3).

I’m from Oregon and hubby is from Hawaii. He’s one HOT Hawaiian!

I have a great job in Vegas. I work for one of the largest slot manufacturing companies in the world. I test new slot game software.

Besides writing, I enjoy reading and racing.Hubby and I have our own race team. PineApple Express Racing. We run a 12 second 1987 Ford Mustang at the drag strip. It’s fun, exciting, and expensive! But we love doing it!

I’m a long time member of Sparkpeople. Com. That’s where my health journey is taking place. That’s where I meet my BFF…Calensariel. She started me on this writing journey, so Thank You GF!! Luv Ya!

And that is ME…in a nutshell!