Playing with Paint Shop Pro

Since I’m stuck on chapter 17 of my SFR wip, I decide to take Sunday off from writing. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about it. I ended up playing around a bit with ideas for the cover to my Paranormal Operations, Inc. cover in my Paint Shop Pro. That’s not to say I’ll actually used this cover I made, but it was and it was great to get back to the graphic part of my creative side. So…take a look and leave me some feedback!

2 thoughts on “Playing with Paint Shop Pro

  1. Hm… it’s a beautiful picture for sure. I especially like the violet eyes. I think, for me, I always imagined Taylor a little bit younger than that. I can’t remember how old she was in the book. I just kind of got the feeling that people mightLook at her and not be afraid because she seemed somewhat young and vulnerable. I mean the bad guys would not be afraid of her. She is just coming into her own as far as her powers are concerned, right? So how old is she in the book? Did sure beautiful picture. Love those eyes!


  2. Taylor was born in 1991, so she’d be 29 this year. Her age isn’t in the book. Her powers (both from her Fae mother and Mage father) were bound until the story takes place. Lily, Rose, and Aveta unbound her powers. I love her eyes too. I’m not overly in love with the background on this new cover. Once I have the $$ to get the book edited, I’ll think more on what to do with the cover. I did this one as a break for Ay’esha and Tarkir. Right now it’s like pulling teeth with those two! Luv Ya!


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