Be A While Since I’ve Posted

It’s been a while. As in 8 months since I posted anything here. It’s been a wild 8 months though. I worked a temp job on the AF base from Oct 2019 to Feb 2020. I loved it and have been trying to get on permanently as a part time worker. I wasn’t having much luck, even though my two bosses wanted me back. However I don’t think the HR person felt the same way.

It turned out to be a mote point anyway, because along came Covid-19 and the whole base shut down. So no job, no Pharmacy, no commasery, no Exchange. Nevada shutdown, hubby got furloughed until at least July, and now we’re home together. Good thing we’ve got a strong marriage! No big issues, just some bickering once in a while. We are lucky that we can spend time outside in the yard. We have some lawn, ponds, a waterfall, and we’re doing some gardening.

So with all this time at home you’d think I was moving along on my writing. Yeah, not so much. It’s been hard to get into a flow with everything going on these days. The virus, the protests, the togetherness makes it hard to concentrate on writing. I really need to do a WIP update (I’ll do that in another post).

So to recap…

  • Temp job
  • Covid-19
  • Shelter at home
  • 24/7 togetherness
  • Social upheaval
  • We lost a fur baby, adopted a fur baby
  • TP shortage
  • Wearing facemasks
  • Social Distancing

So stay safe my friends!

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