Excerpt – Chapter 7 of Tarkir– Dark World Warriors

I am making progress on my SFR story. I’m trying to do some work on it everyday. Right now I’m mostly feeling good with what I have so far. Although I think I may have to “punch up” the world building aspect of it.

So with all that said, here’s an excerpt from chapter 7. Note: This is first draft stuff, no editing has been done on it!

Da’von Rai’lyn stared at the figure of his older sister on the viewscreen, back straight, chin tilted up, fully in command of herself and her ship.  He’d heard the heated possessiveness in the War Admiral’s growled word, wondering what it meant. Ay’esha’s demand for identification plus her not so subtle threat to blow the alien ship out of space pushed that thought to the back of his mind. His gaze swiveled from the view screen to Tarkir, trying to gage what the War Admiral would do. One brow shot up at what he saw. The male’s body was ramrod straight, tense, his face drawn tight, eyes a swirling mix of red and violet. Movement near his waist drew Da’von’s attention. Frowning, he watched those hands clinch, long fingers curled open and closed with each breath he took.

Da’von stepped closer, ignoring Zotul kul Nozek’s  warning snarl from behind them, standing ready to defend his War Admiral. Clearing his throat, eyes locked on the imposing male, Da’von spoke softly. “War Admiral,” he paused, drawing the male’s attention to him. “War Admiral—“

“Da’von!” Ay’esha hissed, taking a step forward on the view screen when her brother stepped into view behind the alien commander’s right shoulder. Da’von glanced at her, a brief shake of his head and her mouth snapped shut on whatever she had been about say.

“War Admiral,” he repeated, this time Tarkir turned his head to look at him. “My people mean you no harm,” he glanced back at his sister. “She means you no harm.” Da’von emphasized with a nod at Ay’esha. Tarkir’s eyes flashed back the female.

“Who is this female, Rai’lyn?” Tarkir growled, having regained some control. Da’von moved, standing a few paces ahead, to the side of Tarkir.

“If you would allow me—“  The same low growl filled the space. Da’von grimaced. Something was going on with the big War Admiral, something Da’von didn’t quite understand. He frowned, drawing in a deep breath, straightening, arms down to his side, chin up.

“War Admiral Tarkir kul Cadeyrn,” Da’von bowed slightly from his waist, voice study, respectful. “Allow me to introduce you to Commander Ay’esha Rai’lyn of the Lel’eiona Space Fleet.” He turned to look at his sister, who was frowning at him. Both Ay’esha and Tarkir spoke at once.

“This female is the sister you told me of?”

“Da’von, what in the all of space is going on?”

One corner of the younger man’s lips lifted in a smile. One that he did not dare let cover his entire face as both parties glared at each other. Oh yeah, this was one time his sister could not take control, the thought was fleeting, scattering almost before he could grasp it. He cleared his throat, looking to Tarkir, asking permission to explain. The big male, body still tense, folded his arms across the hard planes of his broad chest, nodding at Da’von to proceed. With a brief nod, Da’von turned, fully facing the view screen. He stared at the image of his sister a minute, noting how tightly strung she was, before he spoke.

“It’s good to see you, Esha—“

“Commander Rai’lyn.” She corrected him tersely. Her lips tightened, her tone holding both anger and fear. He was going to have step lightly. He started over.

“Commander Rai’lyn, it’s good to see you.” Her eyes narrowed. “The Ph’oenix was attacked, destroyed. Those of us that survived were rescued when War Admiral kul Cadeyrn intervened, destroying our attacker and collecting our Life Pods.”

Ay’esha stared at her brother, eyes carefully avoiding the big male standing just behind him. “The Ph’oenix and her crew were assumed lost after comms between your ship and Fleet were lost.” She paused. “The Sc’ythe was sent to find out what had happened and to bring back any…” She stopped, not finishing her sentence. Da’von grimaced, knowing what she had left unsaid. 

“Commanders Rai’lyn,” Tarkir’s deep voice brought both the Rai’lyn siblings gaze to where he stood. “This conversation can be better held in person.” He locked eyes with Ay’esha, “Commander, you will transfer to the Slayer, your brother can speak of what happened and what to do next.”

There was a long moment of silence before a rough voice hissed from behind him, “War Admiral… I must point out, we do not know what threat this ship is to us. To bring these beings aboard—“

“Enough First Sentinel!” Tarkir snapped, freezing everyone on the bridge. He turned to Zotul kul Nozek, locking eyes with his First Sentinel. “You will escort Da’von Rai’lyn to the hanger bay and shuttle him to the Lel’eiona ship. Return with,” He turned to look at the female standing ramrod straight on the screen. “Both Commanders.” His gaze went to Da’von. “You will accompany my First Sentinel, returning with Commander Rai’lyn.” He wasn’t asking. Da’von frowned, eyes narrowing.  

“War Admiral kul Cadeyrn,” Da’von came to attention.  “I thank you for your timely intervention, the rescue of my crew, and the hospitably of your ship. I do not take orders from you.”  Tarkir raised one eyebrow and Zotul growled loudly, taking a step toward Da’von, ready to protect his captain. Tarkir held up one hand.

“Stand down,” he ordered Zotul, who froze, massive body vibrating with suppressed tension. “I understand your words, Rai’lyn. In your place I would feel the same, there are issues we need to talk about. The three of us.”

“What issues?” Da’von asked. “Why do these issues involve my sister?” Tarkir looked back at the viewscreen. He ignored the other male’s questions.  

“You will go to her ship, return with her,” Da’von swung his gaze to his sister. Her gaze was locked on the big Teric male.

“Nether of you will decide my actions.” Her words were pitched low, each one dropping like ice. “I am the commander of the Sc’ythe and as such will determine my next course of action.” She glared at both males, her gaze softening on her brother’s face. “I’m so happy to see you alive, brother. Most thought you all lost.” A slight tremble edged her words. “I knew you lived…” Breaking off, she visibly reined in her emotions, eyes shifting back to Tarkir, she gave him a shallow nod. “I will contact you, War Admiral.” The viewscreen on the bridge of the Slayer went dark. War Admiral Tarkir kul Cadeyrn eyes narrowed. He’d been dismissed…by a female!

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  1. I hadn’t thought of a synopsis for the story. I’ll try to get one put together. We’ve been a bit out of it here the last few days. Chuck’s brother dropped dead of a heart attack Sat morning. We wanted to head for TX for services but we don’t have time to get there driving and flying is too expensive.


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