Excerpt – Chapter 4 of Tarkir– Dark World Warriors

So I’m working on my SFR right now. It’s slowly moving along. I’m going to post a snippet from Chapter 4.

  “How close are we to the last reported position of the Ph’oenix?” Ay’esha asked as she continued to stare out into space.

  “We should be on station at that location within the hour.” Ai’leene swung her gaze to her Captain. “The ships sensors should have picked up the Ph’oenix already.” She looked back down at the console with a frown. “All they’re picking up is a vast debris cloud.”

 Ay’esha came to her feet and her head whipped around to stare at her Comms officer. “Debris cloud?” she questioned. “There’s no sign of the Ph’oenix?”

Ai’leene’s eyes met Ay’esha’s as she answered with a soft “No.” She drew in a deep breath before containing. “There is no sign of the ship or…” she paused, “the Life Pod cluster.”

 “What?” Ay’esha asked, stunned. “Scan again!” She demanded turning back to the view screen. “Wit’hrop, get us as close as possible to that debris.” Ad’ara Wit’hrop was the In’vader’s master navigator and was one of five volunteers for the rescue mission from that ship. She was also one of the best the fleet had to offer.

  “Aye, Captain.”

  “Lav’rans,” Ay’esha spoke to the man standing at the science stations. Ja’xon Lav’rans stood silent, waiting for his orders. “I want an analysis of the debris field.” He gave a short nod and turned back to his station. “I want to know what is in that field.” She stood ridged, her hands curled into fists at her side as she fought a swell of panic. Were those parts and pieces floating around in space part of her brother’s ship and the life pod cluster? And if they weren’t, where was Da’von, his crew, and the Ph’oenix?

  The tension raised the closer to the floating detritus they got. Each person on the bridge stared at the viewport, searching for any signs that this was not the Ph’oenix. Another soft ping sounded from the engineer’s station and every head turned to watch Ai’leene read the information on her screen. She looked at Ay’esha, her face grim.

  “Still no sign of the Ph’oenix or her pod cluster, Captain.” She looked back down at the screen again. “Scanners show nothing over a few centimeters in size within the cloud.” Ay’esha’s face was pale as she processed that information.

 “Then maybe the ship and her pods weren’t in this location,” Ay’esha spoke in a low voice. “Wit’hrop, recheck the coordinates fleet received for the Ph’oenix.”

“Aye, Captain.” The man bent over his station, fingers flying.

 Ay’esha turned to the Command chair and thumbed one of the small buttons embedded in one arm. “Engineering,” she waited for a reply from Engineering Master Ya’nic Bro’nwyn, another volunteer from the In’vader.

 “Aye, Captain,” the voice that answered was clear and study. It took a lot to rattle this man. The quiet strength in that voice washed over the bridge, lessening the tension some.

 “We need to send a small nano probe into the debris cloud ahead of us.”  She glanced over at her Science Officer who was still working his station. “Lav’rans will send you the coordinates for the center of the cloud.” Lav’rans looked at Ay’esha as she spoke, giving her a slight nod of his head before returning his attention to the science stations screen. 

 “Got them, Captain.” Bro’nwyn acknowledged. “Programing the coordinates into nano probe now.” There was a moment of silence and all eyes turned to the viewport. “Probe away.” the voice came from the speakers embedded in the hull of the bridge. A bright streak of blueish light shot from below the view screen, headed straight for the debris cloud in front of them.

 “How soon before we get any type of readout back from that probe?” Ay’esha asked Lav’rans without looking at him.

 “Once it reaches the center, it should only be a matter of seconds before we get any data.” He answered still watching the view screen. “It might take a bit longer to interpret that data to know what we’re looking at.”

 “Alright.” Ay’esha replied as she started to pace the deck in front of the captain’s chair. She was normally a patient person, a good trait to have if you were in command of a battlecruiser, but this… this was family. She had to find Da’von and his crew and failure was not an option. 

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