Long Over Due Update

stamp overdue in red

This update is long over due. Not just for my writing, but for me personally as well.

So… my writing “career”… I had started the second book in my Mistletoe, North Pole series. As I got into it, my charterers stopped speaking to me. The more I forced myself to hear them, the more frustrated I became. So I tucked the story away and worked on the Paranormal Operations, Inc story. I had finished it but it needed editing. I’m still working on it. I have 11 or so chapters to do. I’ve noticed as I’ve worked on it, that my writing seemed to improve in the later chapters. I’m using AutoCrit for first round editing and the later chapters have fewer corrections to make (i.e. in story pacing, word use…). Where it was taking me a week to edit one chapter, now I’m doing almost 1 every two days or so. Yeah me! I still need to find a pro editor and a cover artist to complete the book before I can publish. I’m on a shoestring budget for those.

While I’ll probably never be a multi books published a year kind of writer (and to those writers that do… you ROCK!). I would like at least one a year published. I have tons of ideas! One woke me up the other night and I was then up until 4 AM putting ideas for the story on “paper” (really an excel sheet). It’s be a shifter story and I even did a color coded map and names for several packs!

On the personal side, I decide last year to just call myself “retired”. I struggled with looking for a job after the layoff in 2017. I went on interviews but most places were looking for longevity when hiring. Add my age (2-3 years from true retirement) to the fact I was a woman with no degree and the prospects of a job just wasn’t there. So when the unemployment ran out I called it quits. I decide to try my hand at full time writing. Easier said than done, my friends! Being home all day is distracting! I’m kind of back on track now and looking to “officially” retire at the end of this year. Hubby retires in two days, so he’ll be home for a while with me. Might cut back on my writing time some, but he’s worth it! He wants to pick up a part time, consulting gig later this year.

And there you go… all caught up! One thing I want, no need, to do, is keep both my blogs up to date. Good intentions abound in the New Year!



2 thoughts on “Long Over Due Update

  1. Hey, girlfriend! I didn’t realize Chuck was that close to retiring. For some reason I thought it was the end of the year. I sure hope he DOES get a part-time job. That may be the only time you have to write! I’m living in dread of when his nibs retires! Keep at those books, girl, or I’ll have to come over there and give you what for!!! ❤


  2. Nope. Jan 26 was his last official work day. He’s taking Feb off, but then wants to go back to work to pay off the truck, the car, and our CCs. I think he likes retirement, LOL, he’s sleeping late (at least for him late), and staying in his jammies until 10:30 or 11:00. Napping on the couch in the afternoons. I told him this morning, from now on I’m going to shower and dress before noon! It makes the day way to short to stay in jammies half the day.

    He’s been pretty good about giving time to write most days. Some days, like today, he seems to want me at his side. He’s taking an OSHA class every night this week, so evenings are when I’m getting editing done. I only have 2 more chapters to edit/rewrite! Then I found a couple of small plot holes that need fixing. Still seems like a long way to go!

    Before Arn retires, talk to him about what you days are like and let him know that, while you love him and will be there for him, you still ahve a life too. I did that with Chuck and it helped, I think.

    Luv Ya!


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