Excerpt – Chapter 20 of Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc

I’ve been MIA from this blog and my Author’s blog for a long time. But I haven’t stopped working on my writing. I’ll have to do an update post after this one. But I have been working! Here’s the first part of chapter 20 of Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc.  Front and center is the bad guy of the story. Please feel free to comment!


Halloween concept. Mystery evil eyes


Slumped in the oversized stuffed chair, Aife O’Hara opened her eyes. and raised her head, eyes struggling to bring the room into focus. Where am I? What happened to me? A painful moan escaped her as she licked bruised and swollen lips. Aife closed her eyes again and tried to move, to raise her hand to touch her lips but it wouldn’t move. Her eyes popped open, and she saw that both hands and ankles were bound wooden chair legs. Panicked, she struggled to free herself as memories of the last few hours filled her mind. A deep chuckle snapped her head up and Aife cringed as she met the gaze of the man leaning against a big desk in front of her.

“Welcome back, Ms. O’Hara,” The man grinned. “I’m sorry for the rather rough treatment of my men before your arrival to my home,” glancing behind her with a slight frown. “I asked Wallace to find me a skilled dowser to assist me in finding a witch.”

William pushed off the desk and walked forward, stopping in front of Aife. She drew back into

the chair as far as her bonds would allow. His eyes, as they held hers, were black and cold. One hand grasped her chin and tilted her head up and his thumb caressed her swollen bottom lip. “I do so hope you can help me.”

“Who… who are you?” Aife stammered. “Where am I?”

“I am William Regan,” He stated, as if he expected her to
know his name. When she didn’t respond, his lips tightened before he continued.
“As I said, you’re in my home in Kilcommon.” He released her chin and stepped back, his eyes roaming over her in the chair.

She was small, maybe five feet in height. William saw the pixie blood that ran in her veins. It showed in her small frame and somewhat pointed ears and eyes that slanted upwards a bit at the corners, but not enough for her to have the gossamer wings of her ancestors. William captured her eyes with his and began a silent chant. His smiled coldly as he watched her eyes grow large and unfocused.

“You will help me find the witch I’m looking for, won’t you, Aife?” His voice was low and hypnotic.

“I… I… can’t.” She said in a soft, sing song voice. William frowned down at her.

“You will.” His spell should have made her totally compliant to his wishes.

“I can’t find witches.” Aife replied with a puzzled frown as she stared up at William standing over her. “I can only find humans and animals.” Her voice trailed off as William released her chin and his lips curled up in a snarl. He glared at the two men standing behind the chair with in fury.

“What the fuck?” he ranted at the two henchmen standing behind the chair. “You were supposed to bring me a witch dowser that could find the witch at the source of that power surge!”

Aife’s head dropped to her chest, her breathing ragged and William returned his attention to her. “Where did you find this little bitch?”
Neither of man responded and he glowered at them. “I asked you both a question,” His words dripped with an icy rage. “And I expect an answer.”

Wallace Flanagan gave his brother, Francis who stood next to him, a furtive glance. Francis didn’t notice, his eyes staring down at his feet. Wallace swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing up and down as he started to speak.

“Um… well…” Voice shaky, he swallowed again.
“We sent a crew to Donegal looking for a dowser, boss.” William raised one eyebrow and Wallace rushed on. “Me and Francis went to Bundoean and Sligo looking for one.”

“And this is the best any of you could do?” William interrupted with a snarl as he stepped away from the now unconscious girl. The brothers glanced at each other before Francis eventually spoke.

“Her granddad said she was able find anything and anyone,” he muttered. “Said we were lucky to find her.” William waited for his henchman to go on, but nothing was forthcoming.

“And?” he growled the men.

Wallace spoke now, “He said all the other dowsers had left the north.” Francis nodded in agreement. “Said after that surge of magic they made themselves scarce. You know, due to the strange things happening in the area.”

“Yeah,” Wallace chimed in quickly. “But her granddad, he made her stay, said she owed him for rising her after her whore of a mother disappeared a few years ago.”

William walked past the chair to stand just in front of the two men. “And he just let you take her?” His voice deceptively quiet. Both men’s Adam apples bobbed as they swallowed in time with each other.

“Um… we… um… paid him a small sum for the…” Francis stammered.

“You paid for this girl?” William’s nostrils flared and his lips thinned. He had no issues with the buying and selling humans when needed. But to buy this girl without first checking to see if she
could even fill his need for… William was now shaking, close to losing control to his magic. It had been a few days since he had recharged that magic.

“Go.” He ordered the two men, his hands clinched into fists at his sides. “Get out of here before I kill you both.” The two men didn’t need to be told twice. They both turned and headed to the door, slipping out of the room without looking back.

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