Excerpt From Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book Two, Chapter 4

It’s been a rather non-productive May for me. I’ve been trying to work on Sig and Holly’s story. But it’s just not “speaking” to me right now. And I no matter how much I push at it, it’s just kind of stalled. But I still post excerpts from each chapter I do get done (see below).  I am going back to continue first edits on Taylor- Paranormal Operations, Inc.


Holly stood still, enclosed in Sig’s arms, his heat radiating through his parka but for the sharp crack that reverberated through the dark. The sound snapped her from the fog of Sig’s kiss. Pressing her hands against his chest hard, she struggled to break free of his grip. Sig lifted his mouth from hers and stared into her green eyes, seeing they were hazy. She pressed harder and he let her go, stepping back to give her some of space.

Another crack sounded and he glanced in the direction of the sound. In the dark, he couldn’t see much, even with his enhanced shifter sight. A haze of snow drifted near the small knot of spruce and fir trees next to the parking lot. The heavy, wet snow covering them had snapped a couple of smaller branches, sending them crashing to the soft cushion of the snow drifts that ringed the trees. His gaze slid back to Holly and he frowned. Her eyes had lost that soft, hazy look and were now narrowed in anger.

Holly took a step back before she hissed at him. “You ass, you have no right to kiss me.” She scrubbed at her lips with one mittened hand, trying to get the taste of him off her lips.

Sig’s narrowed in determination. “But I do have the right to kiss you,” He reached out to draw her back into his arms, but she eluded him, taking two more steps back.

“No,” she rejected. “You gave up any rights you had in our relationship the day you disappeared from my life years ago in Afghanistan.” He tensed, his whole body going ridged. This was what he’d needed to talk to her about. He owed her an explanation for walking away from her.

“You’re my mate, Holly–” She shook her head before he even  finished.

“Mate?” She shook her head as she spit the word out. “I didn’t know what that word meant until after you left. But I now know what it means. If I was your mate, you wouldn’t have–” She halted and drew in a deep breath of the frigid air. Tears glistened in her eyes.

Sig took a step closer but halted when Holly held up both hands. A pained expression passed over his face. “Holly–


Excerpt From Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book Two, Chapter 3

So here’s a snippet from chapter 3 of Polar Shift. This Sig Olson and Holly Rowan’s story. I’m still working on which direction I want to go with story.


The silence lengthened as they drove out of Mistletoe and toward the NPI building that housed the med center on the edge of town. Nether one of them knew what to say. After fifteen long minutes the front of a sleek, white two story building came into view. It was in the middle of a flat, snowy area, the perimeter of the building surrounded by dim lights. Sig brought the SUV to a halt in front of the steps leading up to the doors. Holly shifted in her seat, reaching with one hand to unlatch her seatbelt, the bag with now cold dinner gripped in her other one. Sig turned his head, studying at her.

“We need to talk, Holly.” His tone was throaty. Her eyes flashed to his face, already shaking her head no. “Yes,” he reached over and fingered a strand of red hair that had escaped her pony tail when she’d pushed back her hood after getting in the car. He stared at his fingers as he caressed the silken strands between them.

Holly stilled. “Mistletoe is a small town, Holly, we see each other around town, we work in the same building and I don’t want what…”

“Don’t,” she said, her voice quivering as she too watched his stroking fingers.

“We have unfinished business…”

Unfinished business?” She looked at him now, her eyes in the shadowy car narrowed on him. “Was that all I… we were to you? Business?” She wrenched her hair free of his touch and fumbled with the door handle, thrusting it open and sliding out of the car.

“Holly, wait!” Sig throw open his own door, appearing next to her before she could even blink. He grasped both of her arms, her bagged dinner falling to the snowy ground as he pinned them to her side. “You know that’s not true.” He insisted quietly.

“Do I?” she countered. “What I do know is that I thought we had something between us, Sig. Something…” She broke off and took in a deep breath of the icy night air and glared up at him. “You know, just skip it. Forget those six months in the Afghan desert, forget that I fell in love with you, forget the plans we made before you…” She couldn’t finish.

Tears pooled in her eyes but she’d be damned if she let him see them. She jerked back, struggling to free herself from his grasp. Sig tightened his grip on her, tugging her into his arms, trapping her arms between their bodies. He tilted his head, his lips hovering just above hers.

“I haven’t forgotten a fucking thing.” He rasped, his eyes locked with hers.

“Let me go-”

“Not a chance in hell, sweetheart.” His lips crashed down on hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth when she gasped.

Excerpt From Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book Two, Chapter 2

A sneak peak at Polar Shift, chapter 2. It’s not edited, so be aware if that!



Holly shivered, tingles racing through her body. “It feels like I’m being…” She frowned, peering around the diner until her eyes found the big man setting in the corner. She dragged in a sharp breath as he stared at her, need flashing across his face for a moment before a shield of indifference slide into place.

“Being what?” Kandy asked, following Holly’s gaze to the guy at the corner table. “Ahh…” Sig was staring at Holly, his face stoic. Anyone observing the two of them together would realize something had taken place between them before coming to Mistletoe. She’d asked Holly once, but the Holly declared it was the past and better left there.

She’d asked Rudy if he had any notion what had transpired, since he’d known Sig from thier SEAL days. But he’d just shook his head and grumbled something along the lines of it not being any of his business.

“Come on, hon,” Kandy touched Holly’s arm. “Let’s get you seated and fed.” She waited for the other woman’s gaze to break away from Sig’s and focus back on her. “Holly?”

With a shiver, Holly looked from Sig to Kandy, and with a quiet sigh, nodded. “Thanks, Kandy, but I’ll just take something to go.” She lifted a hand and rubbed her right temple. “I have a mountain of paper work to finish on the poisoned shifters that were released today. I’ll eat when I get back to med center.” Both women walked to the bar and Holly slid onto a stool before picking up a menu from where it was stuck between the salt and pepper shakers. Kandy walked around the bar and stopped in front of Holly.

“Are you positive you want it to go, Holly?” She peeked to where Sig was sitting, noting his eyes had followed them and were locked onto Holly’s back.

“He’s staring at me, isn’t he?” Holly asked with a sigh.

Kandy nodded. “Yeah.” She narrowed her gaze on Sig. “Try to ignore him.”

Holly gave a low snort before shaking her head. “Easier said than done, Kandy.” She stared down at the menu. “I’m just beat right now. That’s the only reason seeing him bothers me.” Lier! Her inner voice grunted.

That same voice had called her a coward when she’d wanted to turn around and run back to Seattle on seeing Sig Olson stalking toward her in the small Deadhorse, Alaska airport. To say it was a shock to him was like saying a hurricane was gentle summer’s rain. Holly shook her head, struggling to clear out the memory of that encounter. Lost in thought, she started when Kandy cleared her throat.

“So… what will it be tonight, girlfriend?”

“Umm…” Holly wrinkled her nose as she decide what she wanted. “I’ll have the…”

“Rudy’s Kickass Mac n Cheese?” Kandy was already writing it down on her notepad as she chuckled. Rudy’s had great food and the best Alaskan brewed ales and Holly told herself she was going to try everything that was on the menu at least once. But not tonight.

“God, I’m so predictable!” Holly grimaced. “Yeah, the mac n cheese.” So much for trying something new, she thought. But damn, Rudy’s mac n cheese was to die for. Just thinking about food had her stomach rumbling loudly . She felt her face heating up and realized she was turning a nice pink shade.

“Please, tell me only the two of us heard that?” Holly groaned, her hands covering her face in embarrassment. She dropped her hands and peered up as Kandy started to giggle.

“I… I want to say we were the only two, but…” The words sounded a bit breathless, her giggles turning into chuckles. “The place is full of shifters, elves, and who knows what else. All with super-duper hearing.” Kandy sucked in a tremendous breath before blowing it all right back out, struggling to reclaim some control. Once she had, she sobered and glowered at her friend. “Did you even eat today?” There was worry in her voice.

“I had a banana and a cappuccino at work this morning.” Kandy had to lean over the counter to catch her words.

“And that was when this morning?” Kandy stepped back, frowning, palms on her curvy hips.

“Umm… around six or six-thirty this morning.”

Kandy threw up her arms and rolled her eyes. “No wonder your belly is loud!” She turned and with a few brief steps slapped Holly’s order on the counter between the bar and kitchen. “One mac n cheese to go, sweetcheeks!” A growl sounded and Rudy’s rich, rough voice came from kitchen.

“Told ya, babe, don’t call me that while we’re workin’.”

Holly laughed as Kandy stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry at her mate. There was an abundance of love there and she envied the bond between the blond and her reindeer shifter mate. She’d had that, once, with… Stop! Don’t think about him. Kandy turned her attention back to her friend and shook a finger at her.

“For god’s sake, Holly, you’re a doctor! You know better then go with eating.” She huffed. “I mean, you get on other people about taking care of themselves, especially in this weather.”

“Yeah, I realize that, Kandy.” Holly admitted. She was aware that she didn’t always follow her own advice. “I’ll try harder, OK?” She grinned.

“OK, OK,” Kandy narrowed her eyes as she studied her friend. “But if you don’t, I’ll call Jamie and we’ll both show up to be sure you taking care of yourself.”

“Order up!” The shout came from the kitchen and Kandy walked to where Rudy had deposited a large, insulated bag on the counter. “One mac n cheese to go!”

Kandy puckered her kips and blew her mate a kiss. He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Yeah… promises, promises, big guy.” She teased as she walked back to Holly. “Here you go.” She handed the bag to her. “It should remain hot until you get back to the med center.”

“Thanks, Kandy.” Holly reached over the counter and squeezed her hand. Looking toward the kitchen, she yelled back “Thanks, Rudy!” He grunted at her and brandished the large spatula he was using in her direction.

“Be careful out there, Holly.” Kandy tilted her head toward the exit. “It’s nasty cold out there. Where are parked?”

“I’m not.” Kandy’s eyebrows wrinkled at that. “I got a lift with one of the lab techs who was headed this way. He dropped me off a few from blocks here.”

“So how are getting back?”

“I’ll order an Uber and wait outside for it.” Mistletoe may be small but they did have most things big towns did, Uber was one of them. Well…sort of Uber. Theirs consisted of one snowmobile, a newer snow cat, and one eight dog sled team. Kandy frowned.

“You shouldn’t be standing around outside in this weather.” Her gazed shifted past Holly to a place behind her. Holly tensed, her body stiffening, tingles racing up and down her spine.

“She’s not going to be.” Sig said from behind Holly. Deep and smoky, it sent quivers through her. “She’s leaving with me.”