Aloha From Honolulu, Hawaii!

Yep, we’re in Honolulu right now. We got here last Wed at 5 AM. Hubby had to take a class at the CC here, so we made a vac out of it. I’ve even beeb getting some writing done. Below was my view yesterday while I slaved away at my WIP. This morning hubby and I are sitting on the lani surrounding the courtyard of our hotel, sipping coffee and just enjoying not doing anything! Well…I am going to write some. 

And here’s a snippet from what I got done. As always, it’s not editied.

Come, it is time to leave this place.” Mikhail stated, attempting to sweep Aveta up and into his arms. She slapped at him.

“I can walk, blood sucker!” she snapped with a lot less bite then she would normally have. She pushed against his hard chest until he released her and she stepped away from him. Mikhail smiled at her with a hit of fang showing.

“As you wish, goddess.” He replied in an amused tone. Aveta made a hmph sound and turned to the two humans standing in the background.

“You two,” she waved a hand at them and they both flinched. Aveta rolled her eyes. “Oh for goddess sake… take everyone back to the car.” She looked at Devon, Taylor, and Mikhail. “Return to Dublin. I need to clean up some things here yet. Taylor, your aunts are waiting for you there. Tell them I’ll join them as soon as I can.”

“Shay will want to know about what happened here,” Devon said. “And about the Donovan twins.”

Aveta smirked. “Tell him that I will fill him in when I see fit return to Dublin.” Devon and Mikhail both frowned at that.

“He won’t like…” Devon started to argue.

Aveta drew herself up to her full height. “As if I care what that blood sucker likes or doesn’t like.” She sniffed and turned away before stopping to look back, her face sad. “But for the sake of the Donovans, the girls are gone, victims of William and his quest for the more powerful fae magic.”

With those words, Aveta walked toward the piles of stone where the chapel had been and disappeared into the night.


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