Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 31 Excerpt.

Rough first draft of part of chapter 31.


“Kaden!” Eireann exclaimed, her eyes shining with joy and her voice filled with love. She sprang up from where she was seated next to Taylor and opened her arms to the approaching man. He stopped just short of both women, his eyes locking on Taylor where she stood. Eireann’s arms fell to her side.

“Where the hell am I?” He growled coldly, his expression stony and his hands curled into fists at his side. “That bastard told you were my twin sister. I want to know what the fuck is going on!” The sound of a sharp intake of breath drew his gaze to the smaller women standing two steps from him. “Who are you?” He demanded harshly.

Taylor surged to her feet, moving to stand between her brother and their mother. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave him a warning glare. Brother or not, she would take his ass out if he made a move to harm their mother.

“Watch your tone, brother.” She bit out. “You’re in the Ether, the world between life and death. And this…” She moved to one side, taking Eireann’s hand. “Is our mother.”

Kaden rocked back on his heels, shocked into silence. Shock replaced the stone cold expression on his face and his arms came up, his palms out, as if to hold the older woman off.

“Our mother?” he sound incredulous. “She’s dead. Father murdered her when I was born!”

“When we were born!” Taylor corrected. “Like I said, this is the Ether, a place where some come after they die. They can’t move one for one reason or another so they end up here.” Kaden digested this for a full minute. “Or someone chooses to stay here.”

“Why am I here?” He asked quietly, his anger and fear draining away under the two women gazes.

His mother, because now he felt the truth that, yes, this was his mother, held out one hand.

“Come sit down with us, my son.” She gracefully sank back down on the bench, even as the vapor surrounding them coalesced with it, expanding it to hold all three of them. Tentatively, Kaden took her out stretched hand and let himself be drawn down next to her.


One thought on “Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 31 Excerpt.

  1. It’s good, like everything you write, but again I’m left wanting just a little bit more of a MOMENT. Would he believe her that easily? He’s a mushroom. Been fed crap and kept in the dark for year. Maybe I feel that way because I haven’t read it in context? Same thing with the other one with William.


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