A Little Something From Paranormal Operations, Inc. – Taylor Chapter 29

This from chapter 29. Just a short peek! As always… not edited yet.

The men clambered out of vehicle and went to the rear of it. Doolin lifted the hatch to reveal a good assortment of weapons.  Each man picked out a few weapons to take with them but Devon was aware in his gut that this fight would be won or lost on the use of magic.

Doolin rummaged around in the back and handed Devon two leather sheaths. Slender silver knifes, so sharp they could split a hair down the middle, rested in each one. The handles had a single gleaming onyx stone that with an enhance spell to boost the stones power of separation. In most instances an onyx stone would be used to end more mundane issues, like a bothersome relationship. But the stones in these blades would separate the life force from any Other they hit. They were deadly and rarely used. Devon glanced at the brothers.

“Where did the Onyx blades come from? I thought they were locked away in the London office.” He strapped one to each thigh and picked up a Glock 26. Devon released the 17 round clip and examined it before sliding it back in. He tucked the gun into the holster in the small of his back.

“They were ‘til this mornin’,” Keegan answered as he picked up what resembled a gun from a video game. He smiled and slide the clip out of the bottom of the gun and then back in. “Sum auld woma showed up jist as we were leavin’ to meet the plane. Said yer wud need these tonight.”

Devon stilled and stared at Keegan. “What did this old lady look like? And does Morelli know the blades are here in Ireland?” Keegan shrugged.

“I don’t rightly know if yer man does or not. We assumed dat they were from ‘imself.” Doolin nodded as he continued to gear up. “As for the auld woman, she wus short an’ ‘ad ‘er ‘air ticked up under one of those cap things. Said she knew yer ‘an your mate.”

“She ‘ad the same manner as that midwife as brought our sister’s brat into de world.” Doolin offered.

“Aveta.” Devon said under his breath.

“Aveta?” Mikhail asked Devon, having heard the name. “Why would a Goddess be in involved in mess?” Devon sighed.

“Long story, my friend,” He quietly closed the open hatch and looked to the other three men. “Let’s do this. I’ll take the door in the front, Mikhail…” he paused. “You take the back door.” Mikhail nodded.

“An’ us?” Doolin asked. Since both men were human and could die, Devon wanted them outside.

“I need you both to cover the outside. Pick a spot in the trees where you can see both the front and sides of the building.? He pointed to Doolin’s rifle. “No one escapes.”

“No one?” Keegan asked.

No one,” Devon bite out. “Anyone that was involved with taking my mate will die.” He looked each man in the face as he said it. While no one said a word, he noticed that Mikhail’s lips were pressed into a thin line. Devon caught his gaze and waited until the other man nodded.

“Then we should go.” Mikhail said. With a grunt, the MacCoinnigh brothers walked into the trees with Devon and Mikhail following them.

As they approached the old chapel they saw light streaming out of the windows, with the glass broken out and some still intact. Stalking closer they heard the sound of muffled voices coming from inside. Devon signaled for them to stop behind the last row of trees and they dropped to one knee. He looked around but didn’t see movement around the building. Of course, that didn’t mean there weren’t guards around. Gently pushing a wave of his Fae magic out, he felt for any other people. He drew in a sharp breath and went ridged when his magic penetrated the chapel.

Fuckkkkk…” He hissed out. He could sense Taylor inside, sense the pain she was in, her anger, and fright. He could also sense her magic as it swelled within her and took a sharp breath at the power she had in that magic. And then he groaned as her magic found the tentacle of his and melded with his

“Devon, what is it?” Mikhail hissed close behind him. Devon ignored him as his body shook, now feeling what Taylor did as if he was in there with her. Picked up what was being said as if it was being said to him.

“Brady?” Mikhail tried again. When the other man didn’t answer he looked at the two humans. “Keegan, go left, Doolin. Take right.” He looked at Devon, “I will take the front…”

No!” Devon snarled. There was a new, more powerful tone in voice. “I’m good. I’ll take the front door. Mikhail, take the back.” The two human brothers looked at each other before shrugging and melting into the dark.

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