Paranormal Operations, Inc. Chapter 28 Excerpt. (Warning – might not be for everyone)

So this is an Excerpt from Chapter 28. Like always, it’s not edited and this one is kind of dark So be warned. The theme of this chapter my not be for everyone.

William spoke into Kaden’s ear, his tone low and cutting. “This woman seems to be your twin sister.” Kaden’s body jerked at that. He gave Taylor a sideways glance. “I was informed she had died and her body disposed of along with my wife’s. Obviously, that wasn’t true.” He fell silent and the chamber appeared to darken. The sound of the returning troll drew his attention.
Trolgar shuffled into the room, in his hands was a tray with two small crystal tear drop shaped apothecary jars and a black athame. He walked to the opposite side of the altar and raised the tray to chin level and slid it onto the altar next to Taylor.

“What are doing?” Jaden rasped than groaned as he recognized the two jars, each filled with a different color of liquid.

“Are you really so stupid that I have to answer that question for you, Kaden?” William laughed viciously and tightened the fist gripping Kaden’s hair. He released his son and Kaden pushed off the altar. He faced the man he had hated for most of his life.

“You’re sick!” Jaden ground out as his father picked up one jar from the tray. The crimson fluid looked almost like fresh blood. He moved back as William turned toward him. “It won’t work! She’s my sister not my mate!”

William laughed and waved one hand in his son’s face, uttering a few words that froze Kaden where he was. “Yes, she seems to be your sister.” He spoke before taunting his son. “Does knowing who she is make you feel brotherly affection for her? Protective of her?” He mocked. “She is nobody to you, Kaden. Nothing! I don’t give a fuck she’s not your mate. She is the one that will set free the magic that you have locked inside of you. Now drink!” He raised the small jar to Kaden’s lips only to watch them tighten into a thin line.

“Really, Kaden,” William murmured. “Do I have to force you to drink this?” He held the rim of the jar against Kaden’s sealed lips. William looked into his son’s eyes and saw a life time of hatred in them. His tone hardened, “I see that force is the only way you’ll take it.” His free hand gripped his son’s jaw, squeezing his mouth until it opened. With a sinister chuckle, he dumped the crimson substance into the opening.

“Swallow, son,” he commanded. Kaden tried to spit it back out but William released his jaw and slamed his mouth shut. Kaden gasped, forced to drink the powerful aphrodisiac that he’d used each time he’d had to fuck a woman for his father. He struggled to talk, to roar against what his father required him to do. This was his sister! And even if he didn’t know her, there was no way he would…

“You son of bitch!” Taylor growled through gritted teeth. “I’m done with this shit!” She twisted within her restraints. William glanced at her and raised one eyebrow.

“Done?” He shook his head. “On no, daughter, we are far from done.” He picked up the other jar, this one with the pale blue liquid in it. “Once you drink this you’ll be equally as excited as your twin to fuck like rabid dogs.” He took the three or four strides to the side of the altar. He reached out for her jaw, not even bothering to tell her to drink it.

“Oh fuck no!” She snarled and thrust out the magic that had been growing in her since she’d woken up strapped to the altar. The sheer intensity of it sent William across the room and against the rear wall. The room rumbled with the power of it as Jaden and Trolgar went sailing as well.