6 Romance Tropes We Love to Hate

Loved this look at a few Romance Tropes.

Books Rock My World

main-article-imagePicture Credit: http://jezebel.com/these-hilariously-outdated-fabio-book-covers-will-make-512731063. He is naked, in a field of wheat, with meticulously detailed hair on his thighs and I can’t, you guys I can’t stop laughing.

This genre is full of traps. Adjective abusing, bear-sized traps. If used correctly with a light touch and believable characters these stereotypes can lead to a romance that gives the reader that squirmy, this-is-so-sweet, starry-eyed feeling. Speaking as a reader, it is THE BEST when a book gives you that feeling.

If used incorrectly (I’m looking at you, “musky” scented manliness) it leads to some straight up ridiculous. Awkward, kinda gross, never-read-this-author-again ridiculous. It’s a thin line to tread, especially when your main characters are involved with the Big One (which is spelled S E X). Not enough pulsing, and your characters might as well be playing bunco in a senior center on a Monday night.

Too much throbbing, and your characters are just grossing people…

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