The Start of Chapter 20 of Paranormal Operations, Inc WIP, Taylor

Off to a good start I feel:

Slumped in the oversized stuffed chair, Aife O’Hara opened her eyes. Where am I? What happened to me? She raised her head, her eyes struggled to bring the room into focus. A low, painful moan escaped her as she licked her bruised and swollen lips. Aife closed her eyes again and tried to move, to raise her hand to touch her lips but it wouldn’t move. Her eyes popped open, and she saw that both of her hands were bound to wooden armrests of the chair and her ankles bound to the chairs short legs. Panicked, she struggled to free herself as memories of the last hour filled her mind. A deep chuckle snapped her head up and Aife cringed as she met the gaze of the man leaning against a large desk in front of her.

“Welcome back, Ms. O’Hara,” The man grinned at her. “I’m sorry for the rather rough treatment of my men before your arrival to my home.” He glanced behind her with a slight frown. “I asked Wallace to find me a skilled dowser to assist me in finding a witch.” Pushing off the desk he walked to where the woman was. She drew back into the chair as far as she could. His eyes, as they held hers, were black and cold. He stopped in front of her, he grasped her chin in one hand, one finger caressing her sore bottom lip. “I do so hope you can help me.”

“Who… who are you?” Aife stammered. “Where am I?”

“I am William Regan,” He paused, as if he expected her to know his name. When she didn’t respond, his lips tightened before he continued. “As I said, you’re in my home in Kilcommon.”

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