Can You Hear Me Now?

I was planning on working on my Taylor and Devon WIP (it’s at 18 chapters  right now) and for a few days I did. But then I started to “hear” Tarkir kul Cadeym from my Dark Warrior SFR WIP whispering in my ear. He’s telling me that he’s had waited patiently for me to release Santa Baby but now that I have, he wants me to work on him finding HIS mate too. When a seven foot, ripped to the max Dark Warrior talks to me, I listen! I’m now half way through chapter 4 and it’s rolling along OK. I did stop today to start some world building, adding people, ships, that kind of stuff. Since this a SciFi romance, there’s a lot more to fill in.Stay tuned for more updates!




2 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. You know it! I have this scene running through my head that I want to add to Tarkir. I just have to find the right place to insert it. It has to be in the next few chapters. It’s where the two main characters meet. I’m working on chapter 4 so it has to be soon!

    How is Seeker coming?


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