Working On Taylor -Paranormal Ops, Inc.

I’m back to working on the manuscript for Taylor -Paranormal Ops Inc. I’m on chapter 18 that I have named Ripples. It deals with the ripples of magic that were felt by the bad guys when Taylor and Devon mated. The first half of the chapter dealt with William’s (the Big Baddie) reaction but it was only half a chapter (like 700-800 words). The second half of the chapter went back to the morning after with Taylor and Devon. The two parts didn’t flow well together.

So I kept the first part and instead of going back to T and D. I added Kaden’s  reaction. It’s not as “dark” as William’s but still keeps the tone and flow of the chapter.  Below is what I have so far for Kaden’s part. I still have a bit more to add to this chapter.

Kaden jerked upright in the narrow bed he had occupied since leaving his father’s castle. Empty bottles fell to the rough wooden floor. With a groan he grabbed his head as blinding pain washed through him.

“What the fuck?” he moaned, rocking back and forth. It was so intense he thought he was going to puke. Or it could just be the booze. As fast as it had hit him, it subsided, leaving a feeling of a powerful magic lingering. Groaning again, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood. The room swayed around him as he staggered to small bathroom and grabbed both sides of the door jamb and stilled, waiting for the world to stop moving. Kaden lifted his head and squinted at his image in the mirror above the sink.

“Fuckkk,” His hissed out. The man staring back at him was unshaven, the rough salt and pepper stubble almost thick enough to be called a beard. His pale blue eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with red, while the dark circles under them gave his face a deathly white hue. Kaden watched as the guy in the mirror licked his dry, cracked lips before using a hand to swipe at the dull, limp silver hair that was plastered to one cheek. He stepped into the bathroom stopping against the sink and leaning against for balance. Kaden swiped a hand over his face and closed his eyes.

“What the fuck did I do to myself?”  The words came out low and horse. He opened his eyes and gazed again at his reflection. And what was that surge of magic that through me?  Kaden shook his head only to have the room start to spin. He grabbed the sink with both hands and willed himself to keep standing. When the spinning stopped he reached to his left and twisted the knobs in the shower. As he waited for the water to heat, he tried to remember what had happened and how he gotten here. Just where the hell is here?

He stripped off the dirty jeans he’d woke up in and dropped them to the floor, he had no idea where his shirt or boots were and right now he didn’t care. All he wanted was to step into that shower, sober up, and figure out what was going on.

The heat of the water was a shock to both his body and mind. It streamed over his naked form, flowing over his chest and defining his tight abs. It caressed his flaccid cock before running down his strong thighs and legs. The steam swirled around him easing his aches. As the fog in his brain started to lift, flashes of the last two days and nights filled his head.  There had been booze, a lot of booze, which would account for how he felt and looked right now.


2 thoughts on “Working On Taylor -Paranormal Ops, Inc.

  1. I’m still plugging away at this story. And my paperback copies of Santa Baby should be here today. My new business cards are due to be here on Friday. There’s a lot on the back end of publishing a book that I didn’t know needed to be done!

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