Refreshed (Seeker — Part 35)

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Impromptu Promptlings

20161011_140424The Seeker paused and stared at the forest covered hill that rose beyond the lake. There settled amidst the thick trees and standing high above them was a beautiful castle. She had roamed these paths on several occasions, yet she had never come this way and discovered the beautiful fortress. She wondered who lived there. Surely it was someone great and noble.

As she stood there on the shore a family of swans floated into view. Two full-grown, a Cob and a Pen, and four cygnets. They were so beautiful. Even the little ones who had yet to grow their long necks and glorious feathers. It seemed fitting to her somehow that a family of the Creator’s creatures would inhabit the waters below the castle. She sensed that for all that it looked like a well-guarded fortress, there surely was a family living there. She chided herself for being girlishly…

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