Frosted – Another Mistletoe North Pole Book

Frosted is going to be book 3 or 4 in my Mistletoe, North Pole series. I have a small blub for you from it. Enjoy!

The pace of life in Fort Yukon, Alaska was slow, but that was what Nurse Practitioner Jilly Rose had been looking for after a hectic year in a large Seattle hospital. Here no one wondered why she was able to heal people so fast. In Seattle she always had to cover her tracks. Her mother had been a skilled Healer Elf and Jilly had inherited those skills. Along with her small turned up nose, bright blonde hair, and sense of humor. Her ears looked only slightly pointed and she was taller than the average Elf, thanks to her human father.

The only thing missing from her life was someone to love. Then on dark, winter night in the midst of a furious snowstorm as she drove to check on a patient…

 Who am I? The tall, broad shouldered man questioned as he stumbled through the cold, wildly blowing snow. It whipped at his exposed skin as he trudged up the snowbank in front of him. He idly wondered why the cold didn’t affect him as he crested the snow bank and stumbled down the side onto a wide flat lane. Walking in the middle of the flat area, with the blizzard howling around him, he didn’t see the vehicle coming until it was on him. The last thing he did see before the car hit him was pair of shocked bright green eyes. Then everything went black.


2 thoughts on “Frosted – Another Mistletoe North Pole Book

  1. Not of the Mistletoe books. I don’t know if I’m going with Kandy and Rudy or Sig and Rachel for book two. I make notes as ideas come to me. Frosted is about you know who, so I want that to be the last book in the series.


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