Big News!

I did it! I published Santa Baby this morning! It will take 72 hrs to show up in Kindle. I’m both excited and terrified.

Excited because I set out to write and publish a book. It’s been a long journey with lots of stops and starts. This first book isn’t what I though would my first, but I’m damn proud to have finished it and get out there.

Terrified because this is so outside of my personal comfort zone. Publishing is like opening yourself up bad reviews, opinions, ridicule, etc. I’ve already seen a bit that even before the 72 hours are up. And from a place I least expected it.

I’m going to have to thicken my skin if I continue to write and publish. If I don’t I won’t survive the wonderful world of being a publish author.


Added: Cover for Santa Baby. Now on Amazon and iTunes!

Santa Baby

Final Edit Word Count 41,924


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