WIP Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a WIP update. So here it is.

Santa Baby – Editing is done, cover is done, I’m trying to do the formatting for kindle now. I have the body of the book done and I’m working on the front matter now. The word count for the finished story is 42,020 words. After I publish to Kindle I want to do a limited print run (Smashwords or Draft2Digital).

Tarkir – Dark World Warriors – I haven’t done anything on this story since the end of July and Camp NANOWRIMO ended. I’ve been concentrating on getting Santa baby published.

Kai and Kekipi – This one has kind of gone silent in my head. The characters are just not talking to me right now. So I’m letting sit on the back burner for now.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc – Taylor and Devon are getting pushy. They want me to come back to THEIR story like…NOW! I plan to give them time after Santa baby is released.

Demon – Incubus MC, Book 1 – I really don’t a firm timeline on this one. I’m thinking it’ll be 2017 before I get back to it.

Viper – Incubus MC, Book 2 – This one is definitely a 2017 project. I had planned for the Incubus MC to be a series and while I knew Viper (Demon’s brother) would be the MMC in the second book, I had no idea of a starting point. I’m thrilled to say I do now!

In the Future – I have more story ideas but that’s all they are right now, ideas. This includes a second Mistletoe, North Pole book. I’m excited to see what releasing Santa Baby is like. It may totally fail but you know what? I’m going to keep writing!