Two More Attempts At Book Covers

Ok. I’m still trying to get the cover for Santa Baby done. It seems that yesterday’s attempt was a tad dark.So I tried again today to come with something I like and has a bit of a Christmas feel to it without being all cuteness and fluff. Both are just mock ups.

All input is helpful!


Santa Baby Cover 1


Santa Baby Cover 2

2 thoughts on “Two More Attempts At Book Covers

  1. Hm… Well, I like #1 best. Not quite as cluttered. Still doesn’t work though, does it. Too flashy. What about something not quite so busy, which is likely what you were shooting for with the first one? Let me see if I can paste one in here. It’s a window with candles in winter and a tree showing just a little. The birds could be cropped out. Look wintery but not flashy. I could be kind of top right with them below or something. Probably not what you’re looking for though. It’s a pretty personal thing, isn’t it…


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