Book Covers

I have Santa Baby edits all done. Now I’m o0n to finding a book cover for it. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should just bite the bullet and pay to have one done. I can’t find a pre-made cover that I like. Since the story happens around Christmas time and the hero is Santa I really wanted Christmas represented on the cover. But I don’t want a cutie cover either. There is some violence and there is sex in the story. But in looking at the cost to have a original cover made for it… well right now I just can’t see having the funds to do it.

So my next thought was… I’m pretty handy with good old Paint Shop Pro, I”ll make my own cover. Ummm… Yeah good luck with that! It comes back to finding the right image at a price I can afford.

So I played around and came up with something. I’m going to post it here and hope for some input on it. Let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “Book Covers

  1. Hm… How about a bit more colorful? It being Christmas and all. You know like could there be a Christmas tree in the background or something? Honestly, I wouldn’t be drawn to pick that cover up and look at the book. The vibes are there for me. But that’s just me. You know Christina Ochs found an artist who wasn’t high or low, but right in the middle. She’s been very happy with the three covers she bought from her. Want me to ask her who it is?


    • Sure ask her. With the Holidays coming up and everything I can’t see spending $200 or more for one book cover. I made two more today that have more of Christmas vibe without getting all Ho Ho Ho. 🙂 After all the story is about Chris and Jamie and Christmas is just one element of it. 🙂


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