Rescue and Return (Seeker Part 31)

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Impromptu Promptlings

Though she had only been in the castle once, Megge remembered well the stairway that led to her mother’s lodging where the King kept her always close. The Seeker followed the child up a long stone stairwell then down a carpeted hallway to a room with double doors. She glanced constantly behind to reassure herself they were not being followed and stood vigil with her staff at the ready as Megge tried the key in the door with the lock.

20160830_114144“Mama!” she cried as the door swung open. “Mama, are you there?” Edwena looked up as her daughter and a stranger burst into the room.

The room was in a distressing state.The floor was covered with ash from the now-cold hearth. Pieces of thread from Edwena’s work littered the floor around her. Crumbs of food were scattered here and there being collected by tiny mice. Stone walls and large windows…

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