Confrontation (Seeker Part 30)

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Impromptu Promptlings

The climb to the little used courtyard on the far side of the castle was steep. Camus led the way holding bushes and tree trunks aside for the Seeker and his young niece to pass. Once Megge caught her foot in the meandering vines on the forest floor and nearly tumbled head over heels down the slope. But the Seeker, climbing below her, caught her cape and pulled her to safety.

20160830_113956Evening was beginning to fall and the ground was becoming more and more treacherous as they neared the top of the bluff. The Seeker was beginning to fear they would have to settle in and wait for the dawn. But just as she was ready to advise of this, Camus called out quietly that he’d found the path to the gate. As they came over the rise they could see the green lawn of the courtyard through the iron…

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