Justice (Seeker Part 25)

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Impromptu Promptlings

The Seeker sat with Joy a while longer, then excused herself to go walk in the formal gardens. Her heart was at peace and within her she felt the seeds of a new beginning for her life take root. As she walked along the bricked path she came upon a statue sitting in a stone niche. It was of a beautiful young woman dressed in a flowing white robe. Before her she held a golden sword, its hilt made of two half moons with a golden sun attached to the double-edged blade. The statue looked very life-like though her face showed no expression. A pointed crown rested on her golden hair. The Seeker noticed that everything about the stature shined with an inner light.

But what drew her attention was a set of legal balance scales hanging from the sides of the hilt. She wondered what they were supposed to…

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