An Old Friend (Seeker Part 26)

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Upon reaching the center of the formal gardens, the Seeker found the most beautiful fountain. It was a golden chalice out of which poured the Waters of Life. The Water splashed and bubbled in the mouth of the cup as it flowed in cascading veils down into the pool where it fell upon a bed of beautiful lotus flowers.

20160810_215639Her lessons had begun to open her mind and her heart, and she believed she knew what the flowers represented. They were all the faiths of the world, all the people in all their diversity just as the Creator had made them. None of them were perfect, none of them had all the truth. But rained upon by the Waters of Life they were able to come together and live in peace and harmony. The Seeker herself could bear witness to the flow of that Living Water. Her own life had…

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2 thoughts on “An Old Friend (Seeker Part 26)

    • Nope it’s not a lot of work. A few clicks and it’s done! I’ve been kind of MIA for a week or so. My shoulder/arm is better for the most part. I’m trying to edit a chapter a day on SB. I really would like to move to the next step (getting a good cover for it. Both an e-book one and a print one). So I’m playing catch up on everything else!


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