A Grave Encounter (Seeker Part 28)

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Impromptu Promptlings

The Seeker passed from the shallow misty lake and entered the forest thick with pines. As hard as it was for her to pick her way through the low-hanging branches and undergrowth, she could always see the ground ahead for the beautiful full moon fell between the tall trees weaving a path of lacy light before her. She had expected to feel lonely, and maybe even a little afraid traveling in the dark. But she didn’t. She felt watched over, as if the Creator was all around her.

When dawn approached she stopped to break her fast and rest for awhile before moving on. She slept far longer than she intended. When she woke the sun had traveled high in the sky. Clouds were wending into the valley casting their shade over the sun’s face. It was cool. A good time to carry on. She hitched up her pack and…

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