Update On My WIPs

Just a short update on where I’m at with my many writing projects. I pulled some major muscles in my right arm/shoulder/back two weeks ago. Since I’m right handed, it’s been hard to get a lot done. Even just using my computer mouse makes it ache. I did go to Urgent Care (take my word for it…there was no “urgent” involved. I was there for FOUR hours just to see the Doctor for 5 mins.) where I got to Rx for it. One a painkiller and the other a muscle relaxer. I’m off both and just taking 800mg of Ibuprofen as needed.  It’s really slowed down my WIPs.


Santa Baby – Mistletoe, North Pole: I sent this out to be edited and I’m in the middle of making most of the suggested changes. In the process I’m learning a lot about writing and punctuation. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is that’s it OK to use most of the common, everyday words instead. I can’t really give a word count right now as that number changes as I work on the edits. But it will be over 40K.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc.: No new update on this one. Except to say I hear the characters calling out to me. As soon as Santa Baby is done and published I have to get back to this one.

Demon – Incubus MC:  No real update on this one either.

Dark World Warriors – Tarkir: My SciFi romance novel and I wasn’t happy with the direction it was headed. It had kind of  a YA vibe to it. So I scrapped most of what I done and started over using it as my Camp NaNoWriMo project. It sets at 5219 words and after reading it I’ve found that I still don’t like Chapter 3.  So more needs to been done on what I have . I’ll just have to see what develops with it.

Kai and KekipiA Hawaiian Legends Short Story: I haven’t worked on this for a while.

3 thoughts on “Update On My WIPs

    • Some of them have multiple projects going at one time. I was worried about when I first started but now I’m OK with it. I can get a story idea, write a chapter or two, maybe just a paragraph or two to sort of log the idea and have a starting point. 🙂


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