A Daring Plan (Seeker Part 29)

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She made her way to Camus and dropped her pack at his side. Lifting his coat she immediately saw that the blood from the wound no longer flowed freely. To his good fortune, it was only superficial. Quickly pulling the night dress she’d been given by the villagers from the pack, she tore a wide strip from the hem and bound up the wound while she and Camus warily watched the two swordsmen.

20160824_143729The young man was obviously a novice, but his stance and his chain mail coat said clearly he was ready to take on this challenge. His breeches, covered in the spirals that were symbolic of new ideas, ended just above his knee-high boots. His long black hair flowed around his face, his gaze intent and focused as if he were reasoning through what he must do, his intense expression made all the more strange by the kaleidoscope…

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A Grave Encounter (Seeker Part 28)

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The Seeker passed from the shallow misty lake and entered the forest thick with pines. As hard as it was for her to pick her way through the low-hanging branches and undergrowth, she could always see the ground ahead for the beautiful full moon fell between the tall trees weaving a path of lacy light before her. She had expected to feel lonely, and maybe even a little afraid traveling in the dark. But she didn’t. She felt watched over, as if the Creator was all around her.

When dawn approached she stopped to break her fast and rest for awhile before moving on. She slept far longer than she intended. When she woke the sun had traveled high in the sky. Clouds were wending into the valley casting their shade over the sun’s face. It was cool. A good time to carry on. She hitched up her pack and…

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Into The Greater World (Seeker Part 27)

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So this is a transition in whatever the heck this journey is. I am not happy with what I’ve done with it, but for the life of me I can’t seem to get a better handle on it. The only thing I felt strongly about (for some weird reason) was that she needed boots! There is something important to be taught with this transition, but I’m not getting it. Yet… Oh well. It is what it is. And we shall see what it shall be! Let the cards fall where they may!. 😀

For the rest of the day the Seeker worked in the garden alongside other guests. Working with her hands was new to her, and she found it fulfilling. She thought of the villagers who had banded together to plant the new kitchen garden for the family whose crops had failed. Was it like this, she…

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An Old Friend (Seeker Part 26)

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Upon reaching the center of the formal gardens, the Seeker found the most beautiful fountain. It was a golden chalice out of which poured the Waters of Life. The Water splashed and bubbled in the mouth of the cup as it flowed in cascading veils down into the pool where it fell upon a bed of beautiful lotus flowers.

20160810_215639Her lessons had begun to open her mind and her heart, and she believed she knew what the flowers represented. They were all the faiths of the world, all the people in all their diversity just as the Creator had made them. None of them were perfect, none of them had all the truth. But rained upon by the Waters of Life they were able to come together and live in peace and harmony. The Seeker herself could bear witness to the flow of that Living Water. Her own life had…

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Justice (Seeker Part 25)

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The Seeker sat with Joy a while longer, then excused herself to go walk in the formal gardens. Her heart was at peace and within her she felt the seeds of a new beginning for her life take root. As she walked along the bricked path she came upon a statue sitting in a stone niche. It was of a beautiful young woman dressed in a flowing white robe. Before her she held a golden sword, its hilt made of two half moons with a golden sun attached to the double-edged blade. The statue looked very life-like though her face showed no expression. A pointed crown rested on her golden hair. The Seeker noticed that everything about the stature shined with an inner light.

But what drew her attention was a set of legal balance scales hanging from the sides of the hilt. She wondered what they were supposed to…

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Update On My WIPs

Just a short update on where I’m at with my many writing projects. I pulled some major muscles in my right arm/shoulder/back two weeks ago. Since I’m right handed, it’s been hard to get a lot done. Even just using my computer mouse makes it ache. I did go to Urgent Care (take my word for it…there was no “urgent” involved. I was there for FOUR hours just to see the Doctor for 5 mins.) where I got to Rx for it. One a painkiller and the other a muscle relaxer. I’m off both and just taking 800mg of Ibuprofen as needed.  It’s really slowed down my WIPs.


Santa Baby – Mistletoe, North Pole: I sent this out to be edited and I’m in the middle of making most of the suggested changes. In the process I’m learning a lot about writing and punctuation. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is that’s it OK to use most of the common, everyday words instead. I can’t really give a word count right now as that number changes as I work on the edits. But it will be over 40K.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc.: No new update on this one. Except to say I hear the characters calling out to me. As soon as Santa Baby is done and published I have to get back to this one.

Demon – Incubus MC:  No real update on this one either.

Dark World Warriors – Tarkir: My SciFi romance novel and I wasn’t happy with the direction it was headed. It had kind of  a YA vibe to it. So I scrapped most of what I done and started over using it as my Camp NaNoWriMo project. It sets at 5219 words and after reading it I’ve found that I still don’t like Chapter 3.  So more needs to been done on what I have . I’ll just have to see what develops with it.

Kai and KekipiA Hawaiian Legends Short Story: I haven’t worked on this for a while.

Of Dreams and Gifts (Seeker Part 24 — Edited)

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As soon as she lay down on the bed, the Seeker’s eyes closed in wearied sleep. Yet the calm and peaceful feeling that permeated the house surrounded her. A blanket of heaven itself, she thought, as she drifted into her dreams. And dream she did. But not the kind of dreams she had been battling.

20160808_131231She dreamed she was back at the sea shore watching the beautiful dolphins frolic and play together. They were different though. One was a sparkling gold color, the other a brilliant silver. And behind the dolphins the Seeker could see the orb of the earth. She was beginning to understand the language of the Creator.

She knew the dolphins represented the diversity of the Creator’s children, that they were to be loved and respected for who they were on the inside, not on the outside. That had been her very first lesson upon coming down…

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Retreat (Seeker Part 23)

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For a day and a night the Seeker traveled through the hilly countryside. Now that she knew there were other Seekers journeying through the land she found herself becoming lonely, hungry to gather with them and learn from their wisdom. Reflecting on her life in the temple she began to realize just how spent her energy was. She had labored so long under the belief that she had to change, to become someone other than herself in order for the Creator to love her. It had never occurred to her she had been made just as she was for a purpose.

She began to feel glad that she had found the courage to embark on her journey. Already she had learned so many lessons. Lessons about living IN the Creator every moment and how following the King’s Law of Love could leave one feeling vulnerable. She’d learned that the Creator’s…

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