Excerpt: Tarkir – Dark World Warriors

An excerpt from chapter 3. This is a first draft and hasn’t been edited yet.


Tarkir kul Cadeyrn, Prime Warrior and Captain of the Slayer, stepped off the pads of the training area. Tall at just over seven feet and well-built, he stood with his muscular legs spread apart and his hands planted on his lean hips. His chest heaved as he breathed hard, making the sweat on his bare chiseled abs and well defined chest glimmer. His chin rose slightly and a small smile lifted the corners of his firm lips as he nodded to the man standing across from him.

“You fight well, Rai’lyn,” there was a hint of respect in his voice.

“As…do…you, Prime,” Da’von panted out as he bent over his head down trying to catch his breath. He’d been well trained in the art of several fighting styles and while he was top shape, sparring with this huge male left him breathless and sore. He looked up with a small grin. “I…don’t suppose…you would…teach me fight as you do?” He was beginning to breathe easier. With a low groan he straightened and stood, twisting one way than the other to work out the kinks.

Tarkir was silent, his eyes narrowing as he considered the man before him. The Slayer had been passing through the outer edges of the Lel’eiona galaxy travailing to Dead Zone and had come upon the battle between Rai’lyn’s spacecruser and an assault ship of the Librae galaxy. The Libraeian’s were an aggressive war like race of reptilian beings that were hell bent to conquer other races. Their being in Lel’eiona space did not bode well for the Lel’eionaian people.

After destroying the Libraeian ship Tarkir ordered his crew to scan the small pods that had been ejected from the dead Lel’eionaian ship. When the scan showed some life forms he’d ordered that the pods be transported to the cargo hold of the Slayer. Once on board his first engineer and med tech worked to open them. It hadn’t been easy but no one died in the process. At first the strangers had been confused, unsure if they were captives or been rescued. They had never seen a race like those from the Dark World.  The all-male crew was huge, well-built, and highly skilled in many forms of combat. Add in the fact that they seemed to know a lot about other galaxies and the home worlds of each was surprising and disconcerting.

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