Thief (Seeker Part 19)

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The Seeker stood looking after the King, then gathered up her pack and staff and returned to the Great Hall. Lost in thought, she did not realize she had taken the wrong steps to the portico. Instead, she found herself at the foot of a short stairway leading up to a grassy courtyard. With the castle surrounded by lush, dense forest, it seemed much darker outside than it was. Rays of the fading sun fell through the forest canopy and illuminated the path she would take. But just as she would have taken her leave, she heard someone running toward her from along a dark gallery, and the sound of metal being jostled about.

20160713_170520The man came to an abrupt halt when he saw the Seeker standing by the stairs. In so doing he dropped two of the seven swords he carried. He glanced behind him to see if anyone…

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Excerpt: Tarkir-Dark World Warriors 2 (slightly edited)

Something from chapter 2:

The walk to the King’s War room was short, just off the Audience Room where King Rai’lyn welcomed visitors from other galaxies and to hear grievances from his people. Sh’alana followed the men into the well-appointed room and stopped just inside the door. It was big enough for the entire Galaxy Consul to meet when needed. Eight chairs surrounded the large oval table in the center of the room with more lining two sides. The back wall was one massive view screen.


King Rai’lyn turned to look at Sh’alana, his gaze locking with hers. Her breath caught as she saw them fill with pain. His posture changed, the ridged set of his body softening into that of just a man who had the weight of worlds on his shoulders.  He sank into the chair at the head of the table and dropped his head into his hands. Fer’nanda put a hand on his King and friend’s shoulder.


“Sire?”  Sh’alana stepped forward with a worried frown. Her father raised his head and she hissed. There were tears running down his face. She had never seen her father cry. “Dad?” Fer’nanda stepped aside as she reached her father’s side and knelt next to his chair. “Dad, what’s wrong? Is it…” she stopped, going pale as her mind reached the only reason he would be this upset. “W…who-“ she broke off as he looked at her before reaching to draw her close.


“Da’von,” Aa’ron uttered into Sh’alana’s hair. She gasped and Aa’ron released her. She sat back on her heels as tears gathered in her eyes and spilled  down her cheeks. She stared him. “He’s-“  He stopped as she started shaking her head.


“He’s hurt? How badly? Where is he?” She tossed the questions at him. She had to believe her brother was alive and just hurt. “What happened? I want to see-“ she stopped when he shook his head. Her eyes widened.


“Noooo…” she forced out between trembling lips. A hand dropped on her shoulder and she looked up at Fer’nanda. “Uncle?” She searched his eyes and saw the truth in them. Saw the same pain there also. Az’arias Fer’nanda was the husband of her late mother’s sister.  He drew her up and gave her a brief hug before pulling a chair out next to her father and gesturing for her to sit down.  She slumped into it and looked between the two men.