The King (Seeker Part 18)

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Impromptu Promptlings

(Though written today, the little bit in green has been added to what I posted on 7/7 for continuity’s sake.)

It hardly seemed as if they had been traveling long at all when they approached a large castle that sat above the sea. The horse master pulled the chariot to a halt beneath the portico and turned to the Seeker.

“This is where I must leave you,” he said, motioning for her to step out of the chariot.

“But what am I to do here?” she asked, confused as to where she was and why she was there.

“You are a Seeker,” said the horse master with his cryptic smile. “Seek! The King of this realm is a most noble King. He has given his all for his kingdom, sacrificed himself by drinking from a cup that no one else could bear. He is loyal and giving, a provider…

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