Tempted (Seeker Part 16)

The Seeker part 16. Re Blogged from Impromptu Promptlings ~ and peculiar ponderings…

Impromptu Promptlings

(Oh my gosh! This one was hard! And I realized doing it that the harder it is, the longer it’s gonna be. But it is what it is… The NEXT picture I don’t particularly like. THAT ought to be interesting!)

The Seeker stood silently watching as the Gate Keeper pulled the door shut behind her. She was still disturbed by the suggestion that she might turn her back on her quest and want to return to the Realm of Redemption. How could she possibly do so when she’d seen how free and loving the people of the village were. That’s how she longed to be. How she felt she was deep inside.

“What I am,” she admonished herself, noticing the deepening colors in the sky, “is weary and hungry! How long was I even IN that holy place?”

With a sigh and some anxiety in her heart about what…

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