Gate Keeper (Seeker Part 15)

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20160705_105319The woman spoke not a word but turned and walked through the door that had appeared behind her, the wands following where she led. One she held in her hands as if to defend herself from some unseen assailant. The others flew past her to take up a protective position before a second door that the Seeker knew instinctively led outside.

The woman’s long red hair flowed from beneath her hood and fell as a veil around her face. At last she turned to the Seeker with a look of serious contemplation.

“I am the Gate Keeper.”

When the girl did not seem to grasp the significance of her explanation, she continued.

“Many Seekers try to force their way back into this sacred place for a chance to spin the Wheel of Time again thinking to alter their destiny. They do not realize that once they have begun to question…

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