Transitions (Seeker Part 12)

Seeker Part 12 Re-blogged on Freeing My Muse

Impromptu Promptlings

(Separated from Part 11)

The Seeker joined the folks of the village for the morning meal. She found it difficult to say goodbye. They were, after all, truly good and devout of faith. And though she would always be drawn to this village, knew she would always be welcome here, she was certain her destiny lay along a different path.

20160627_095441As she made her way out of the village toward the mountain range that rose to the east, the Seeker paused to wave goodbye to two village children sitting in the meadow. Caught up gazing into the beautiful warmth of the morning sun, they did not see her at first. The Seeker marveled as she lifted her eyes to the heavens where a red-gold rose appeared to bloom in the center of the sun, it’s rays casting out the signs of the zodiac just as the moon had done the…

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