The Wheel of Time (Seeker Part 14)

Seeker Part 14 – Re-Blogged on Freeing My Muse

Impromptu Promptlings

The next moment the Seeker found herself in a second tall chamber. The room itself glowed in a soft lavender light filled with clouds and stars much as the vision of the world. But in the center of the room sat a large spinning Wheel on a marble pedestal. The outer rim of the wheel was inscribed with the twelve signs of the zodiac. She could only guess they were meant to connect the Wheel to all of time and space.

20160703_185351Inside the Wheel the rays of a golden sun transformed themselves into eight spokes. Four colors pulsed from beneath the spokes — blue, green, red, and yellow, a color for each of the four seasons. The Seeker recognized the spokes as representing the eight pagan holidays honoring the seasonal changes. A large green snake was woven over and under the spokes, its head attempting to swallow his tail. This…

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