Portal (Seeker Part 13)

The Seeker Part 13 – Re-Blogged at Freeing My Muse.

Impromptu Promptlings

The walk to the mountain range was not as far as it had seemed from the village. Though there was no discernible path, the Seeker had crossed acres and acres of meadows and reached the foothills by noon. In the shade of a large oak tree she lay down her staff, dropped the pack the villagers had given her, and settled on the leaf-strewn ground to sort through its contents. They had been generous with their offerings. In addition to enough food to last for several days and a cup for drinking, there was a blanket and a change of clothes. And buried beneath them a pair of sturdy boots. The Seeker looked longingly at the boots. Her feet had grown sore, then hard and calloused from her walk down to the valley. As much as she would have loved to wear them, the words of the Mother regarding her…

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