Excerpt: Tarkir – Dark World Warriors

An excerpt from chapter 3. This is a first draft and hasn’t been edited yet.


Tarkir kul Cadeyrn, Prime Warrior and Captain of the Slayer, stepped off the pads of the training area. Tall at just over seven feet and well-built, he stood with his muscular legs spread apart and his hands planted on his lean hips. His chest heaved as he breathed hard, making the sweat on his bare chiseled abs and well defined chest glimmer. His chin rose slightly and a small smile lifted the corners of his firm lips as he nodded to the man standing across from him.

“You fight well, Rai’lyn,” there was a hint of respect in his voice.

“As…do…you, Prime,” Da’von panted out as he bent over his head down trying to catch his breath. He’d been well trained in the art of several fighting styles and while he was top shape, sparring with this huge male left him breathless and sore. He looked up with a small grin. “I…don’t suppose…you would…teach me fight as you do?” He was beginning to breathe easier. With a low groan he straightened and stood, twisting one way than the other to work out the kinks.

Tarkir was silent, his eyes narrowing as he considered the man before him. The Slayer had been passing through the outer edges of the Lel’eiona galaxy travailing to Dead Zone and had come upon the battle between Rai’lyn’s spacecruser and an assault ship of the Librae galaxy. The Libraeian’s were an aggressive war like race of reptilian beings that were hell bent to conquer other races. Their being in Lel’eiona space did not bode well for the Lel’eionaian people.

After destroying the Libraeian ship Tarkir ordered his crew to scan the small pods that had been ejected from the dead Lel’eionaian ship. When the scan showed some life forms he’d ordered that the pods be transported to the cargo hold of the Slayer. Once on board his first engineer and med tech worked to open them. It hadn’t been easy but no one died in the process. At first the strangers had been confused, unsure if they were captives or been rescued. They had never seen a race like those from the Dark World.  The all-male crew was huge, well-built, and highly skilled in many forms of combat. Add in the fact that they seemed to know a lot about other galaxies and the home worlds of each was surprising and disconcerting.

Reckoning (Seeker Part 21)

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The Spirit led the Seeker back down the stairs and along the gallery until they came to the opened door of a small, cell-like room. It was essentially bare save for a cot piled with blankets, a desk and chair, and a small stand holding a ewer and basin.

“You may stay here for the night,” said the Spirit. “It is spare, but comforting. I shall be close by in the gallery. I will come to you if you need me. Your journey this night will be an important one. You will need your strength. I will send someone along with food for you before you sleep. Be assured, Seeker, the Creator is all around you. Do not be afraid to trust. And remember, your wisdom and strength comes from within, not without.” With that the Spirit disappeared down the hall.

The Seeker removed her hat and laid it on…

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Spirit (Seeker Part 20)

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The Seeker silently followed the woman in blue onto the balcony, then, angry and confused, she boldly demanded, “Who are you, and why did you let that man go free?”

20160713_170626The woman turned, her gown swishing on the balcony tile, her long black hair billowing over her shoulders in the evening breeze. She looked intently at the Seeker as if determining how to deal with her.

The Seeker’s anger began to drain away, replaced by a warmth that spread across her cheeks. What on earth would the Elders say had they seen her ill-mannered, disrespectful behavior? She lowered her eyes and looked at her feet and was surprised to see a white lily lying on the tile floor. The same kind of lily used in the temple. How odd, she thought.

Knowing that the girl had begun to recognize her insolent behavior, the woman smiled sadly, moved closer to…

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Thief (Seeker Part 19)

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The Seeker stood looking after the King, then gathered up her pack and staff and returned to the Great Hall. Lost in thought, she did not realize she had taken the wrong steps to the portico. Instead, she found herself at the foot of a short stairway leading up to a grassy courtyard. With the castle surrounded by lush, dense forest, it seemed much darker outside than it was. Rays of the fading sun fell through the forest canopy and illuminated the path she would take. But just as she would have taken her leave, she heard someone running toward her from along a dark gallery, and the sound of metal being jostled about.

20160713_170520The man came to an abrupt halt when he saw the Seeker standing by the stairs. In so doing he dropped two of the seven swords he carried. He glanced behind him to see if anyone…

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Excerpt: Tarkir-Dark World Warriors 2 (slightly edited)

Something from chapter 2:

The walk to the King’s War room was short, just off the Audience Room where King Rai’lyn welcomed visitors from other galaxies and to hear grievances from his people. Sh’alana followed the men into the well-appointed room and stopped just inside the door. It was big enough for the entire Galaxy Consul to meet when needed. Eight chairs surrounded the large oval table in the center of the room with more lining two sides. The back wall was one massive view screen.


King Rai’lyn turned to look at Sh’alana, his gaze locking with hers. Her breath caught as she saw them fill with pain. His posture changed, the ridged set of his body softening into that of just a man who had the weight of worlds on his shoulders.  He sank into the chair at the head of the table and dropped his head into his hands. Fer’nanda put a hand on his King and friend’s shoulder.


“Sire?”  Sh’alana stepped forward with a worried frown. Her father raised his head and she hissed. There were tears running down his face. She had never seen her father cry. “Dad?” Fer’nanda stepped aside as she reached her father’s side and knelt next to his chair. “Dad, what’s wrong? Is it…” she stopped, going pale as her mind reached the only reason he would be this upset. “W…who-“ she broke off as he looked at her before reaching to draw her close.


“Da’von,” Aa’ron uttered into Sh’alana’s hair. She gasped and Aa’ron released her. She sat back on her heels as tears gathered in her eyes and spilled  down her cheeks. She stared him. “He’s-“  He stopped as she started shaking her head.


“He’s hurt? How badly? Where is he?” She tossed the questions at him. She had to believe her brother was alive and just hurt. “What happened? I want to see-“ she stopped when he shook his head. Her eyes widened.


“Noooo…” she forced out between trembling lips. A hand dropped on her shoulder and she looked up at Fer’nanda. “Uncle?” She searched his eyes and saw the truth in them. Saw the same pain there also. Az’arias Fer’nanda was the husband of her late mother’s sister.  He drew her up and gave her a brief hug before pulling a chair out next to her father and gesturing for her to sit down.  She slumped into it and looked between the two men.

The King (Seeker Part 18)

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(Though written today, the little bit in green has been added to what I posted on 7/7 for continuity’s sake.)

It hardly seemed as if they had been traveling long at all when they approached a large castle that sat above the sea. The horse master pulled the chariot to a halt beneath the portico and turned to the Seeker.

“This is where I must leave you,” he said, motioning for her to step out of the chariot.

“But what am I to do here?” she asked, confused as to where she was and why she was there.

“You are a Seeker,” said the horse master with his cryptic smile. “Seek! The King of this realm is a most noble King. He has given his all for his kingdom, sacrificed himself by drinking from a cup that no one else could bear. He is loyal and giving, a provider…

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Excerpt: Tarkir-Dark World Warriors

Excerpt from chapter 1:

“Captain!”  Third Engineer Os’ric  Zor’ion’s panicked voice drew Rai’lyn attention to Engineering station. His face, bathed in flashing red light, looked pale.  “A section of engineering has been breached. The bulkhead doors have been sealed.”

“Status!”  Rai’lyn snapped out.  Ship functions ran from the engineering deck. Life Support, weapons, scanners, and the ships engines made up the different sections. When a section was breached, it would seal itself off from the others and any crew in that area would be lost.

“FTL EmDrive is in that section, Sir,” The young Engineer’s voice quivered. “It’s still operating but at diminished capacity.” He looked at Rai’lyn, his eyes shining with fear. “We could lose it, Commander!”

The Ph’oenix  was powered by a faster than light EmDrive, a large cone shaped device. By repeatedly bouncing microwaves back and forth inside the cone, it created a propellant-less thruster that moved spacecraft at extraordinary speeds. Life support and all ship functions would cease. But they would all be dead long before their air ran out. Losing the EmDrive would also leave the Ph’oenix dead in space making both the ship and her crew easy targets for their attackers.

Rai’lyn grimaced, “How long do we have, Zor’ion?” He passed his hands over his stinging eyes.

“If the drive continues to degrade at its current rate,” Zor’ion said without looking up from the console in front of him. “We have twenty minutes before complete failure.” He looked up at Tyr’ese, his face pale in the red glow of the bridge.

Rai’lyn cursed. He saw the fear in the young crewman’s face. This was his third mission in this sector but for the majority of his crew it was their first one. This sector of space was considered to be a safe mission for rookie crews. Dealing with the occasional rogue blackmarket trader or lost freighter gave them the opportunity to hone the skills they had learned in training. But this?  This…most of his crew didn’t experience to deal with an  attack like this.

“Divert as much power as you can to the forward defense field without impacting life support and the pulsars-” Elo’wen interrupted his command before he finished.

“Sir,” her voice was horse from the smoke drifting in the air. She cleared her r throat before speaking again. “Pulsers are offline. That last hit to Engineering took out all weapon controls.”

Rai’lyn spun to peer in shock at his First Officer. “All weapons?”

Camp NaNoWriMo

Tarkir Dark World Warriors Word CloudIt’s July already! WOW…half the year is gone. And for July I’m joining my BFF Cheryl at Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s like a 30 day boot camp to jump start a project. I signed up to write 5000k words in the month of July. YIKES! I have more then a few manuscripts I’m working on so choosing one was hard. But in the end I went with the SFR story (SFR=Science Fiction Romance) I had started but wasn’t happy with. So I started over  and I’m setting at 2,459 words. The story is called Tarkir – Dark World Warriors. This will be, I hope, book one in a series of books in this far off world I’m trying to create.

I have created the above word cloud from the first chapter. I love the way it turned out so look for one for each of my works.

Tempted (Seeker Part 16)

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(Oh my gosh! This one was hard! And I realized doing it that the harder it is, the longer it’s gonna be. But it is what it is… The NEXT picture I don’t particularly like. THAT ought to be interesting!)

The Seeker stood silently watching as the Gate Keeper pulled the door shut behind her. She was still disturbed by the suggestion that she might turn her back on her quest and want to return to the Realm of Redemption. How could she possibly do so when she’d seen how free and loving the people of the village were. That’s how she longed to be. How she felt she was deep inside.

“What I am,” she admonished herself, noticing the deepening colors in the sky, “is weary and hungry! How long was I even IN that holy place?”

With a sigh and some anxiety in her heart about what…

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