Santa Baby Update

Just a quick update on my Santa Baby (or whatever it ends being titled) manuscript. I’m still working through the edits from my editor. I know it seems slow but there’s a lot going on in right now. I do hope to make some really good progress this weekend since it’s a 4 day weekend for me. And I still need a contact a cover artist for a cover for it. I just can’t find the right image to make my own.

I’ve had a HOT (as in blistering!) project at work that I completed today (2 days ahead of schedule!), plus most of my work stuff is all packed up for the move (this Friday) from our temp swing area to our new and improved (we hope) area. This time I have a WINDOW!

On the home front I’ve been trying rally hard to get to bed before midnight. Hubby (love him to death) seems to think my 5 hours a night isn’t enough sleep. Huh. My TBR “pile” on my tablet  was getting huge so I’m snatching time here and there to try and get some of it read down.

That’s it folks!

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