Dark Nights and Transitions

And now we step into the unknown on this journey that my BFF is taking us on.

Impromptu Promptlings

Exhausted by her dream, the Seeker had finally settled into a peaceful sleep. She woke refreshed and anxious to be off on her quest. But as she sat on the couch waiting for the bell to call all to break their fast, her thoughts wandered once again to her dream.

dark nightShe had survived what she was sure had been a “Dark Night of the Soul.” She had learned about the experience in her personal reading in the temple library. She had read that people who experienced this spiritual malady often felt depressed with a malaise of the soul that felt like a sickness. Some, it seemed, even felt they were losing their mind. After one night beset by all her questioning, she believed it. She could not imagine living through a season of such confusion, her doubts and questions haunting her for years.

She remembered three important things from her…

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