Taking The Next Step

SO I needed to take the next step with my Santa Baby manuscript. I spent a few days looking around the Web for an editor to go edit it for me. There is such a wide range of types and cost for editing. It was so overwhelming for a first timer! I was afraid to take this next step. What if the person hated it? What if my book was one big mess? What if… there were so many what ifs. Am I strong enough to do this? How do I reach out to an editor?

When I started this writing journey I joined several a Facebook group called SFR Brigade. This group of outstanding and talented writers are the people who populate my Kindle reading list. And they made me, a newbie, feel welcome. They have patently answered my questions, they let me hang with them at the RT convention (Pauline Baird Jones!), and they have been my mentors (even if they didn’t know it).

And now, once again, they have come through for me. I found a editor! She’s a member of the group and she’s really nice. I’ve sent her the first 1000 words on my story and she’s going to look at it. If it doesn’t need a major rewrite, I’ll have her do copy and developmental edits for the whole thing. Her rates are reasonable and within reach for a writer on a budget.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. :}


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