Santa Baby Is Done And A Book Blurb.

After I don’t remember how long, I’m done with Santa Baby. I’ve done 2 rounds of self editing, ran it through Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid (I know, some of you don’t like using a program for edits) to help me find the missing smalls stuff (punctuation, grammar issues, proper word usage, etc). I’m ready (I hope!) to have it edited professionally and get a cover done for it.While I can make my own covers, finding the right Christmas/Santa/Sexy image for it has proven hard. So I’ll have one made. And I need Beta readers! I have one but I’d like a few more. Have to figure that out too.

I do have a few things to decide on yet. Like a title change. After all this time I’m don’t think I’m happy with the title. I was going with “Mistletoe, North Pole – Santa Baby”. It’s the “Santa Baby” part I’m rethinking. Maybe “Mistletoe, North Pole – Kringled” since the main hero’s last name is Kringle (yeah, THAT Kringle family!). I think I need to think on this a bit.

But WOOHOO for me at least getting a whole 42,148 book written! Now to get it published! Here’s a blurb I wrote for it:

Welcome to Mistletoe, North Pole. A small town hidden away at the top of the world where the summers are short, and the winters are long. And Christmas is what the town does best.

Jamie Winters’s life was almost perfect. Growing up as part of a loving family living in the lush green of the Pacific Northwest, she had her life planned out. Until one night before Christmas, fate stepped in and took everyone she loved away from her.  Years later she finds herself in Mistletoe, working as a waitress at Rudy’s Diner alongside her best friend, Kandy. Jamie’s not looking for love, but in a place like Mistletoe, you never know what you’ll find all wrapped up with a bow.

Christen Kringle never expected to find his mate in Mistletoe. Having been born and raised in the small town, everyone was like family. Then one night after work he meets his crew at Rudy’s. One look at the curvy brunette outsider with the dark chocolate eyes and he knew she was his. And when she touched him? His body blazed to life like the Aurora Borealis. It was fate that brought her into his life. The same fate had found mates for all the men in the Kringle line.

But a menace is creeping into Mistletoe. One that not only threatens Chris and Jamie but could end Christmas worldwide.



Connected (Seeker Part 7)

Connected – part six of my BFF’s Seeker story!

Impromptu Promptlings

The Seeker’s reverie was interrupted by the quiet whisper of the Page who continued to gaze down into the water. Her eyes were misty, and a longing glowed from her face.

“See how they love one another…”

20160608_125053The Seeker stepped to the wall of the balcony and peered down. Below she saw a handsome couple swimming together in the cove. Both were adorned with golden arm bands. The man wore a gold crown; the woman’s long, flowing hair was dressed with beautiful flowers. The sun shown on the pair, the reflection from their golden bands sparkling in the water like gems. And beyond them, in the cove, rose two large fish. The Seeker watched in wonder as they soared gracefully through the air as one then slid as smoothly back into the water. Over and over they jumped with great abandon. She smiled feeling their joy well up inside her…

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