Fish (Seeker Part 6)

Part 6 of Calen’s The Seeker. Each part flows seamlessly into the next!

Impromptu Promptlings

After the meal the Seeker, dry at last, was taken along by the elder woman to meet the village page. They found her in the very last house that nestled on a hill over the sea. She was standing outside on the balcony watching something in the blue-green water below. The Seeker was surprised to see how young the girl was. And that she was dressed like a boy!

20160520_154128 (1)She wore dark blue breeches and tan knee-high boots. Over a silky white shirt with large sleeves the girl wore a blue scaled doublet. And beneath the puffy sleeves another long-sleeved shirt. On her head was a blue beret not unlike the Seeker’s. Instead of a red feather, however, the page’s feathers where white. Where the Seeker’s feather symbolized courage, she thought perhaps the white would symbolize innocence and purity as in the Realm of Grace.

The Seeker was amazed to…

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